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The Mickey & Friends - Minecraft Map (Full Release)

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Level 5 : Apprentice Explorer
This is the Mickey & Friends - Minecraft Map (Full Release)
The map contains all three acts, more mysteries, including all the puzzles, secrets, and story. You will be playing as a hitman, who is determined to kill Jack Skellington, for an unknown reason. You will go through many different areas of the world, interacting with Mickey Mouse and his friends, trying to ultimately defeat Jack Skellington. Explore all three acts, solving puzzles to eventually get to Jack Skellington's lair, while also being hunted down by your enemies. Will you be able to complete your task, and kill Jack Skellington? Find out in March of 2023, for when the full release's download is live!

When playing in single-player, there will be less enemies opposing you, and will only have key characters for boss battles and story. This will be done by having retextured mobs that are powered to attack you with a weapon, like a vindicator or a pillager. This is an early feature being implemented and will be done very late into development. MULTIPLAYER GAMEPLAY -
The rules are simple. One or more people are the players, One or more people are the opponents. When you are the player, you must hide from the opponent while solving puzzles. So you still follow the same story just being chased down by someone else. When you are the opponent, you must go after the player and prevent them from completing the act. You while change characters each act, so the player is chased down by different characters.

1.) Play in ADVENTURE Mode.
2.) 90+ FOV is recommended
3.) Don't cheat.
4.) Use common sense.Read the book in the main lobby for more rules, credits, and other extras.

If you are having trouble with a puzzle, there will be a full length playthrough to watch. Each act will have a timestamp, so you don't have to scroll through an hour long video.


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