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Level 32 : Artisan Blockhead
Minecraft Version: 1.15.2
Map Version: 1.7.5
Map Genre: Solo, Multiplayer, Survival, Adventure, Horror

Warning: The Mob Infection is and early beta stage, and unfinished map.
Everything you see is subject to change.


Progress75% complete

10 Update Logs

The News of Mob Infection : 05/30/2021 10:30:00 amMay 30th

Hello! And thank you for playing my survival map that got me inspired by DayZ from Arma 2 mod and Apocalypse Rising 2 from Roblox. Hope you had fun playing this open world survival map.

Painful Times
After a year the final Alpha map was released 2 years ago and after a months the map has moved to Beta even tho you probably may wondering on why Mob Infection v1.8 hasn't been released yet.
It's because i been working hard to rebuild the map from scratch using Minecraft version 1.14 using Void world and command Fill after enough pain i decided to canceled v1.8 for Minecraft 1.14 and again starting from new scratch using old Minecraft version 1.8

Easy Tool
The map v1.8 has been developed over 5 months using McEdit2, the map was a big project and a lot of pain to deal with, the most annoying thing to deal is planting grass using bone meal and removing flowers to give more realitsitc apocalyptic theme to it. The buildigns and furnitures are finished but there still left to do such as addeding loots around the playable map, finishing planting grasses, setting the commands, ect.

Lazy Bun
Of course i'm trying my best to finishing and ship it early but my annoying little laziness is taking my time due to other maps that i also work were never finished and left in canceled.

Things to Know About
The retail map of 1.8 won't feature crashed plane and lootable furnitures such as (double chest, furnace, crafting table, lootable fridge, ect.)the inside of the house will have mostly have decoration furniture but there will be chest to loot.
And when you spawn on playable map, the spawn position will not be set on corner on the map and you probably won't spawn with tools such as(wooden sword, bow, arrow and cooked meat) but mostly soon on the update release with 1.14 version.

Thank You
Big Thank to you for reading the news of Mob Infection i know the update wasn't push on the year and it was pain for me as well but non the less hope you understand of what i been struggling about and i hope the v1.8 will be release sooner.


In case sorry if i spell anything wrong on the update note.

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04/30/2019 2:25 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Architect
jakubb avatar
Try to make more shape. For examle dont make:
        |    |
Try to make more diogonal structures.

       |  |
     ____ |  |____
     |      |

If you dont know what i mean, go look on my building or contact me on my discrord: Jbohacek#9512
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