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The Molten Maze a 1.11.2 parkour map


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Level 5 : Apprentice Engineer
The Molten Maze is a parkour map that takes place inside a 200 by 200 block maze. There are 4 main dungeons you need to complete to win the map, and there are 5 side dungeons you can complete for a bonus room at the end. The 4 main dungeons are in the 4 corners of the maze, each one gives you a gem. Take all four gems to the center of maze to win. This map is made for 1.11.2, but should work in latter versions of the game. This map is also multiplayer friendly. The map may sound challenging, and it is, but there are no quad jumps or 3 block over 1 up jumps. (Your welcome). This map took me an hour and 45 minuets to complete all of the dungeons.
This is a medium difficulty map.
This map is multiplayer friendly
This map is made for 1.11.2
This map will take around 2 hours if you do all the dungeons.
This is a parkour/adventure map.
Play in adventure mode
Do not use F5
If you are making a video please put the link to this map in the description
Have fun

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Side notes
This map has a disconnected interior wall. What that means is if you like to use the left wall trick it will not work for every part of this map. I'm looking at you ssundee.
Progress: 100% Complete

Update #1 : 05/20/2017 1:55:10 am5/20/17

Fixed spelling of "Ancient"
Fixed last leap of faith block not missing
added cake to the final room

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