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The Moon - HUGE map: actual topography of the Moon - Architectus

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Architectus avatar Architectus
Level 26 : Expert Artist
The Moon
Source: NASA DEM (100%)
Software used: World Painter
Size: 5760 x 1930
Border: wall
Material used: Rock

Map covers almost the actual entire lunar surface, with all the craters etc. North pole and south pole have been left out due to distortion on the DEM.

1. exploration of the lunar surface's topography;
2. build a space station;
3. for a lunar MOD! With low gravity mobility and perhaps even a challenge to use the resources you have in crates to terraform the moon with. Sun coming and going but the sky staying starry, and a view of Earth from the Moon;
4. something else entirely?

If used for mod or a space base build, I'd love to check it out so let me know.

land area: 11.796.480 blocks2
Generated 3.083.862.016 blocks
Map size: 184 Mb

Additional Notes

World save
Creative mode [cheats enabled]
for builders
Progress100% complete

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02/15/2014 9:43 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Explorer
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