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The Naughty List (1.11 Holidays Minigame Map) -- Collaboration Project

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Level 46 : Master Robot
The Naughty List is an Holidays-themed Minigame Map for Minecraft 1.11 including six different minigames to play with friends. This project was contributed by more than twenty content creators!

Bobsleigh Race

Race down a snowy track as fast possible, the player with the best time wins!

Snowball Shuffle

In this exciting face-off game, your team must take the present in the middle of the randomly generated level and bring it back to your spawn. The first team with 5 presents captured wins!

Ice Runners

It might not have been a good idea to go play in the middle of a frozen lake. In Ice Runners, the goal is to not fall into the water. Take presents to receive item, make your opponents fall and be the last man standing!

Present Town

Santa needs help delivering presents! Get in the sleigh and deliver as much presents as you can in the chimneys. The player who deliver the most presents wins!

Mountain Rush

Climb the mountain! Pick up item to get some boost and be the first at the top.

Decorating Day

It's time to decorate your Christmas tree! Shoot at the glowing blocks, the first to set up all 15 decorations is the winner!

The Naughty List (1.11 Holidays Minigame Map) -- Collaboration Project Minecraft Map
This map is available on Minecraft Realms! Select "The Naughty List" in the minigames category of your Realm menu.

Project Organization
roelie333 (Project Manager) - http://twitter.com/roelie333
Arth2000 (Project Manager Assistant) - https://twitter.com/arth2000
Misterx7772 (Server Host) - https://twitter.com/Misterx7772

Voice Actor (As in the trailer and Map) -
TheRedstoneScientist - https://www.youtube.com/theredstonescientist.

Map Developers -
Plagiatus - http://youtube.com/therealplagiatus
Arth2000 - https://twitter.com/Arth2000
pollieboy - https://twitter.com/PollieboyGames
Misterx7772 - https://twitter.com/Misterx7772
bananenbroek4 - N/A
Vilder50 - https://twitter.com/vilder50
dragonmaster95 - https://twitter.com/dragonmaster_95

Map Builds and Aesthetics -
Etex - https://twitter.com/EtexMc
Mangelware - https://twitter.com/mangelware95
roelie333 - http://twitter.com/roelie333
Theticman - https://twitter.com/Theticman30
Chaz - https://twitter.com/chazcrafter
ChildOfStars - https://twitter.com/Child0fStars
wizzyz - https://twitter.com/WizzyzMC
flameboy101 - https://twitter.com/flameboy101MC
halbrave - https://twitter.com/Halbrave
Gmyle - N/A

Music Composers -
ShinkoNet - http://www.youtube.com/ShinkoNet
TGSRicky - https://twitter.com/TGS_Ricky

Modellers and Resourcepack assets -
dragonmaster95 - https://twitter.com/dragonmaster_95

Miscellaneous -
Fyid - https://twitter.com/FyidRants

The full release post for this map is available at: https://xiantis.net/maps/the-naughty-list/
Progress100% complete

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