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The Oblomovian Church [1.16.2] - Adventure/Escape Map

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TheOblomovian's Avatar TheOblomovian
Level 19 : Journeyman Miner
UPDATED 19/10/2020

v1.14 (19/10/2020) (thanks to Tremoloa4444) :
- a few variables not initialized. Now the door breaks and the time skips !

v1.13 (11/10/2020) (thanks to Tremoloa4444) :
- npc interactions not loading correctly

v1.12 (09/09/2020) (thanks to Anna Dragon) :

- fixed a critical bug where nothing happens at the end of the maze

- removed a block that could get you stuck in the conduits

v1.11 (01/09/2020) (thanks to User3214218G) :
- fixed a critical bug where the maze would not load if you go far enough.

General Information
The Oblomovian Church is an adventure/escape map with a lot of puzzle solving.
For 2 to 4 players.
Game length : 4-5 hours.

Adventure mode required


You are agents from the Bureau of Occult Affairs. You are investigating a rising sect, the Oblomovian Church, whose ideals would endanger the values of the modern world. You are going to visit a residence of the sect, whose occupants have disappeared.

Conduct an investigation and find evidence.

Good luck!

Server configuration (VERY IMPORTANT)

In server.properties file, you will need to set :
  - spawn-protection=1
  - enable-command-block=true
  - difficulty=easy

In singleplayer (though not recommended), you'll need to activate command blocks :
  - press ESC
  - press "Open to LAN", set "Allow Cheats : ON"
  - Voilà!


Important notice : If you are stuck somehow, you can use /kill to go back to a safe point !

The Forbidden Book of Hints and Solutions
- This book is very dangerous! Be careful while reading it!
- Each line corresponds to one step/hint.
- We used invisible ink. Highlight the text to reveal it.

Residence 28
  1. There is a hidden map in the living room… Can you find it?
  2. These bookshelves are suspicious. It smells like a secret mechanism...
  3. Fragments locations :
    - living room hidden wall (lever behind bookshelves)

    - swimming pool

    - library corridor shutter

    - wooden cabin (access through a jumping puzzle)

    - Tristan’s chest (on the roof)

    - entrance locker

    - room A/B

    - sink of the laundry room (between the two bathrooms in the right wing)

    - Neville’s chest (in the sewers)

Locker code
  1. Find the book “The Feeling of Numbers”, main hall 2nd floor
  2. Look for dice style numbers in the decoration
  3. Order = row of shulker boxes where you found the book, from left to right
  4. Alright, 3-11-8-6-25-7

Room A Key
  1. You will find a “Key mold” in the kitchen inside a barrel
  2. There is an old cellar accessible from the living room…
  3. … behind the big painting!
  4. You will need to heat this “Tin chunk”...
  5. ... Put the “Key mold” and the “Tin chunk” inside the powerful oven in the kitchen

Room A
  1. Hint in the book “Sublime Anamorphosis” found in the library.
  2. Sneak while staying far from Teresa.

Roof Access
  1. Hint in the book “Annual Report, Residence 28” found in the library.
  2. Use the oversized cigar to trigger the fire alarm in the living room.

The End?
No it’s not the end, you’ve arrived in another dimension… Find a way to escape!

The Antisect
  1. Go to the room with a redstone lamp.
  2. Push the button to make the lamp blink
  3. Looks like Morse code….
  4. But it’s Walrus code! A guide is hidden in the library of the village
  5. Throw a paper with “work” into the hopper.

A way out?
You found this mysterious Book of Forbidden Rituals”. Seems like it's your only hope to escape from this place...

Access to the temple
1. The Guardian will not let you pass, unless you prove that you are a cultist of Mumatala ...
2. The anti-sect might help you fake yourself as a cultist ...
3. If you wear a "Cilice of the Penitent Worker", you can fool the Guardian !

Article A
  1. Read carefully the “Book of Forbidden Rituals”
  2. In the Resistance, you will find divine artefacts behind each shrine
  3. You “won’t try to be a hero” by wearing the Aegis of Knil (according to the item description)
  4. You will be alright “if you happen to lose you mind” by using the Holy Sword of Adelza (according to the item description)
  5. You are “blessed by Udyline” by having the strength buff of the Shrine of Udyline
  6. With those 3 elements, enter the Olonoloil’s den with a friend, and kill Anxiety.

Article B
  1. First, find a way to open the space rift.
  2. Villaminar’s toolbox is such a mess! He is trying to perfectly tidy it up! Maybe you can find something useful in it.
  3. In the labyrinth, he wanders, he wanders…
  4. ...until he finds a lantern, with a poem!
  5. He bears the lantern, Like a noble emblem, a shield”. So you need to wear the lantern on your off-hand slot.
  6. He will take the right direction, given by the mysterious poem!
  7. Which means (considering Minecraft cardinal directions) : pyramid (N), Ice (N), Doors (E), Temple (E), Nether (S), Living room (S). Important note : there is no specific room order you need to follow since the maze is generated randomly.
  8. When the lantern "begins to shine", you need to "turn around and come back" ...
  9. ... usually, the west door (with an end portal) of any room takes you back to the entrance of the maze. But this time, it will take you to another place since you found the way !

Article C
  1. Go to the Plateau
  2. Speak to Jose
  3. Sheeps are his “source of amusement”!
  4. Collect some wheat and bait the sheeps into the great fire!

Article D
  1. There is one very lazy guy in this realm ...
  2. ...his name is Claude. He can’t finish anything! Look at his museum!
  3. Maybe he needs to learn the hard way.
  4. Strike him with “Pressure”, a sword you found at the Resistance Base!

Article E
  1. There is one very perfectionist guy in this realm …
  2. ...his name is Villaminar. He can’t stand anything that is not perfect!
  3. Maybe you can upset him with something far from perfect.
  4. Bring him an unfinished piece of art from Claude’s!

Article F&G?
  1. You need to unlock the Time rift first
  2. Find the “spacetime lever” on top of the Great Baths mini parkour.
  3. The time rift has 3 timelines you can access through the doors : the Past, the Present and the Future
In the End...
Elevacuum access
  1. Go to the future (+33)
  2. Find identification helmet in the dormitory

Locked dormitory
  1. You can enter the dormitory in the Past.
  2. The lever next to the door looks suspicious…
  3. Spam it to break the door!

Mysterious seed
  1. You will find a “Mysterious seed” in the Present-Laboratory.
  2. In the Past, there is a composter outside …
  3. … put the seed in it, a tree will surely grow.

Article F - Self Efficacy
  1. On the Plateau near Jose, you’ll find some “Seed of Efficacy” in the chest
  2. Go to the Present Hydroponic crops. Unfortunately, the entrance of the Incubator Room is blocked by the vegetation...
  3. In the Past Hydroponic crops, cut off the water. Nothing will grow inside the incubator and block the way!
  4. In the Present Hydroponic crops, keep the water flowing. Something will grow in the Future!

Achronos Project Room
  1. Present-Dormitory, find “Secret savings” in a red shulker box
  2. Present-Treasury, find “Chest filled with coins” in the unfriendly vault
  3. Past-Treasury, put all that money into the friendly vault.

Article G - Lost Tasks
   0.Where to find the tasks?
  • Past-Laboratory, chest
  • Past-Reception, red shulker box
  • Present-Office, white shulker box that looks like a closet
  • Present-Dormitory, chest
  • Futur-Attic, chest
  • Futur-Treasury, vault
  1. After you finished the Achronos Project, go to Present Basement #4
  2. You can find books on how to use the Achronos machines, in the closet near the Paper Dispenser.
  3. Solution : 174>820>300>669>601>951
  4. But you’re not a cultist of Mumatala! You need to reverse the order: 951>601>669>300>820>174

The final jump
  1. Go on top of the Great Bath. You can use the shortcut you previously opened!
  2. “on a holy day of rest”
  3. … thanks to the Sacred Pastime near the Altar of Mumatala, skip to Sunday.
  4. Don’t forget to save the members of the Resistance!

Back to normal?
?lamron ot kcaB
  1. Everything’s upside down…
  2. Your movements are affected too…
  3. … so that you can only go backwards!

Feel free to contact us for any bugs, suggestions, etc. ;)
~ The Oblomovian ~
CreditBeta-testers :
Progress100% complete

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01/08/2021 1:49 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Kuanish's Avatar
After 2 month we finally passed the map and I wanna the author of the map for a great adventure and story, and a special thank you for quick help in incomprehensible situations. If you haven't stopped making maps we will wait for new ones.
12/01/2020 5:33 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User3321275F's Avatar
Hi, while playing, i did not get the advancements linked to article F and G even though i did it correct and the chat said i completed the "missions". Are there any gamerules or something i can toggle so i can advance?

Best Regards
12/02/2020 1:19 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Miner
TheOblomovian's Avatar
Hi ! thanks for playing our map :)
not sure how that bug happened ... do you remember which "mission completed" message you got ? Was it the only thing not working properly ?
Anyway, you can use those commands to unlock the achievements :

/advancement grant @a only oblomov:ritual/riddle_efficacite

/advancement grant @a only oblomov:ritual/riddle_organisation

Kind regards
11/24/2020 6:28 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Kuanish's Avatar
Hello, could you answer to private messages, we have some problems with map.
I wanna pass your map and I would be thankful for help!
11/24/2020 7:16 am
Level 19 : Journeyman Miner
TheOblomovian's Avatar
I sent you a message :)
11/15/2020 7:30 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Galizanna's Avatar
Hello! This map is VERY good! :) Me and my friends were having a blast solving the puzzles in the beginning house, but we can't seem to figure out this next part. We just finished finding all the fragments and went down the secret stairs, but we can't seem to figure out which skull button to press. We tried ALL of them and we keep getting sent to the start. Can you help us figure this one out? Thanks! <3
10/15/2020 3:23 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Tremoloa4444's Avatar
Hi! We are stuck at the final jump part and we don't understand wt does the "holy day of rest" means :/ we clicked the Sacred Pastime for awhile and nothing really happened.....
Also the lever in the dormitory room in time rift doesn't work so we used creative mode to break it. Dunno if the action broke the game...:/
10/18/2020 2:41 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Miner
TheOblomovian's Avatar
Hi !

For the final jump :

Once you've got all the achievements linked to the 7 articles of the Book of Forbidden Rituals, you have to use the Sacred Pastime to set the day to Sunday ("holy day of rest"). If you have done the ritual properly a message should appear in the chat. Then you just have to go back to the Great Bath and jump into the big crater to escape the isles. Note that you can also speak to the members of the resistance beforehand to take them with you!)

Concerning the lever in the time rift :

The lever is there to open the door of the dormitory in the past. To acess the dormitory room in the present you have to force the lever in the past to break the door (aka spam the lever to death!). The door should also be broken in the present. If you managed to enter the dormitory room anyway in present time using creative mode it's fine. If you did not enter the dormitory room in present time though, you may have missed some essential items and may not have finished the time rift properly. But you can't break the game by breaking the lever.

Sorry for the late reply, hope it'll help you get to the end!
10/19/2020 9:44 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Tremoloa4444's Avatar
Hey, Thanks for the reply! We’ve noticed that we need to use the Sacred Pastime to set the day, however we are not quite sure about the operations of the machine. We have made all 7 achievements from doing the rituals and it seems like nothing really happened when we operate the Sacred Pastime :/ I could send you some videos(which are not in English) if needed. Or I’m wondering if we didn’t operate the machine in the correct way, Is it we just have to press the button on it?
10/19/2020 5:55 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Miner
TheOblomovian's Avatar
Hi again!
After some research, the problem was that some variables were not initialized for people playing the map for the first time (that's why we couldn't find this problem during our playtests since we already played the map multiple times !)
SO you can use the following command to make the pastime work again :
  /scoreboard players set @a tickDay 0

Same thing about the dormitory (but you broke it nvm ;D ):
  /scoreboard players set @a doorBreak 0

We checked the rest of the map, there should be no other issues (well let's hope so !).
Thanks a lot for your feedbacks !