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The Officer's Mansion [Schematic]

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A new build! Again! Dang too much productivity for this week xD
Well it's called The Officer's Mansion. That humble building is just near to the harbour. In emergency the officer's job is signalling with lights from his watchtower.
Apart from that it's not really officer's workplace tho, instead he uses the fortune he got over years for his family.
Kids have left the house when they were grown but they still visiting on family dinners. Officer's wife is a pretty skilled cook. I mean they could survived for years so i'll assume it's safe to eat...
Well the house's pretty big, one of it's stables used for travellers' horses mostly. At 3rd floor officer and his wife's bedroom in front of fire. Cozy nights at cold&windy harbour.
The Officer's really not that away from his work in his house, yet he only writes down some transactions of merchatns of the day on his working table and stores the data for later uses.

-1 entrance and 2 top floor
-A watchtower accessible from the working table                           (From Floor 2)
-There're interiors (holy duck what's happening to meh!?):
  _1 functional looking kitchen                                                                  (Floor 2)
  _1 Dining table for 4 peeps                                                                    (Floor 2)
  _1 Queen size bed, a wardrobe and some drawers.                             (Floor 3)
  _1 working desk near to glass cased armor                                          (Floor 3)
  _2 Bookshelf, 1 at the small balcone and other near to working desk  (Floor 3)

-2 Horse stables                                                                          (Entrance Floor)
-1 Low garden                                                                              (Entrance Floor)
- <Insert here a reason that i can't makes this project 100% finished>

That's all i got for now, i'll recommed the resource pack called Conquest_ and some Optifine for the actual experiance.

P.S. Sorry peeps there's a glitch fills carpets' transparent parts with solid colors (eg: that fur in front of fire) for me.
I hope that'll be fixed soon, sorry for bad render
Progress95% complete

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