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Five Nights at Freddy's 1 an Official FNaF Universe Map

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Level 64 : High Grandmaster Network

Map Version: V.2 (2/29/2020)

"Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. A magical place for kids and grown-ups alike, where fantasy and fun
come to life."

Map Overview
This map brings the authentic Five Nights At Freddy's 1 feel to Minecraft for you and your friends to experience together! Our team has put many days of hard work into bringing this experience to Minecraft by examining Five Night's at Freddy's 1, later installment's minigames, and the VR game: Help Wanted. This map offers the entire inside and outside of the pizzeria, surroundings filled with flora, a road, a tunnel, and finally an out of work gas station. THE MAP'S EXTERIOR IS NOT FAR-REACHING AND IS ONLY MEANT TO BE A BACKDROP FOR THE PIZZERIA!! It is also important to mention this map does not have a night system or a death system. It is designed for people who wish to do free roam, roleplay. However, it can be played like the first game if the player simply stays in the office due to the animatronics already being spawned in the map it works out.

While Playing This Map DO NOT Change The Time Of Day Using Commands It Will Break Certain Map Systems

The Maps Required Assets - Please Read!
This map requires 4 important assets. 3 mods and 1 resource pack.
-Optifine (For connected textures within the map): Optifine
-The FNaF Universe Mod (This map was made for the mod by our team and props and mobs from it are used): FNaF Universe Mod
-Bookworm (A mod The FNaF Universe Mod requires to run): Bookworm
Resource Pack (Note this is a different resource pack than our official FNaF Universe Resource Pack):
Official FNaF 1 Map Resource Pack V.2

Important Resource Pack Fix - Please Read!
This maps' required resource pack has 3D models. Minecraft forge can mess up block culling issues with 3D models. If you are seeing through 3D models and into a floor, wall, or ceiling then you need this fix! Follow these instructions:
-Navigate to your .minecraft folder, in windows, this is achieved by going to %appdata% then .minecraft in file explorer
-Next, go to config
-Locate the file forge.cfg
-Open it with a text editor (I use Notepad++)
-Locate the line that reads:
# Disable culling of hidden faces next to stairs and slabs. Causes extra rendering, but may fix some resource packs that exploit this vanilla mechanic.B:disableStairSlabCulling=false-Change the text: B:disableStairSlabCulling=falseto
-Save the file and all should work now.

Highly Recommended Map Settings
FOV: 80
Brightness: 50%- Moody
Sound: Decently high, some sounds are very quiet.
(Sound note: FNaF 1 ambiance replaces Minecraft sounds while in adventure or survival)

List Of Interactable Features and How To Use Them

The map's phone can be picked up and right-clicked to open a selection of all the voicemails in the game. To pick up the phone the player must position their cursor directly to the left side of the table clock on the desk in the office and right-click. This will give the player the phone. To return the phone the player must throw it out of their inventory (This only works if the player is really close or inside the office.)

Camera Tablet: The map's camera tablet sits in the office and stays in the office. This version of the camera tablet behaves very similarly to FNaF VR: Help Wanted's camera tablet. The player puts their cursor over a cam and right clicks to enter it. To exit the cam the player crouches. It is recommended to aim your cursor slightly above Cams 2a and 4a. So that you can for sure get in them and not accidentally enter Cams 2b and 4b.

Doors: The office doors are used by right-clicking the door button on the left or right side of the wall for each door respectively. Employee only doors are 3D models and can simply be walked through.

Lights: The office lights are used by right-clicking the light button on the left or right side of the wall for each light respectively.

Freddy's Honkable Nose: Left-click while looking at the nose of Freddy on the office poster and it will honk Freddy's nose.

Summonable Golden Freddy: The player can summon Golden Freddy in the office by viewing cam 2b thirty times within a few minutes.

Power System: The power system is affected by the player using the doors or lights, it also drains a steady amount throughout every night. The player can keep track of their power by viewing a monitor on the desk in the office.

Time System: The time system keeps track of time during the night (not during the day though). Even if the power goes out the time will still be shown on the clock. The time system can be viewed on a monitor on the desk in the office.

Experiencing a bug(s) in the map?

This map took a very long time to get functional and it isn't surprising that there can occasionally be bugs within the map. Our team realizes this and is open to fixing bugs. Feel free to leave any you find in the comments, however, if you are stress testing the map with the intent of breaking it and find bugs, please refrain from leaving those. This is mostly just for general play through bugs.


-The_Dqrk_Entity (Aka Baby Yoda): Built almost the entire map, made all of the 3D models, did all of the command work.
-Breadbearz (Aka Phantom): Made all of the textures for the map.
-_ShadowLink_: Hosted the server for our team to build and test on. Also assisted in testing things.
-DeeG (Aka Doritio_Gremlin): Made the child drawings on the posters on the walls, helped a small amount in building and helped to test the map.
-CorellionCrusaders: Made all of the posters for the map.

Note To Youtubers
Our team loves to have our content shared. If you are a YouTuber or content creator on another platform with a large following, please join our discord and direct message DeeG, _ShadowLink_, or Lego General Grevious, this way we can let you have access to new content early. Link to discord: Discord

Join Our New Fan Discord: Here

This is the work of the Official FNaF Universe Mod team and is not meant to be redistributed. If this map is used in any type of video or image content please credit us by leaving this link attached to your content.

Install the map by opening the .zip and putting the folder inside of the .zip into your saves folder in Minecraft.

This can be a laggy map, and will likely require the user to allocate more RAM to Minecraft if their PC is struggling with the map. The world can get very laggy when first loaded in, so I recommend the instant you load in to pause your game and let the chunks load.
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01/26/2021 11:47 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
cool_dude_man avatar
what version plz tell
01/27/2021 10:35 am
Level 1 : New Miner
BonnieTheBun335 avatar
11/26/2020 7:05 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
RandomTaco123 avatar
When I pick up the phone it dosent show the diffrent voicemail options but just shows a bunch of lines of commands and yes I have all the mods and the right version
12/07/2020 6:33 am
Level 10 : Journeyman Architect
Melwin0207 avatar
for me too
01/29/2021 8:43 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User3406162G avatar
11/09/2020 12:17 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
golldenfreddy1234 avatar
Is this multiplayer? Like 2+ guards I mean.
11/03/2020 9:43 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Dragon
DustierMouse73 avatar
I was just wondering if you were going to maybe do a FNAF 2 and 3 map as well?
11/11/2020 11:07 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User3295684G avatar
the mod is cancelled srry pal
11/03/2020 6:00 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Chxera avatar
i downloaded the map, opened the file and copy and pasted it to the saves folder but it doesn't show up when i load minecraft
01/29/2021 8:40 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User3406162G avatar
open the zip file and drag the normal non zip file into other saves folder
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