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The Complete Original 2010 Full-Scale Enterprise D

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How to find on server: ~700 meters West of spawn

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10 years before the day of the release of this map(Sept. 27th, 2010) an experiment was started in a new voxel-based 3D modeling program to see if pixelated scaled versions of Whitefire’s Enterprise D plans could be imported as voxels and built to scale. Once realized, a user named Halkun uploaded a video showcasing the build, the first of its kind, named Building Megaobjects in Minecraft. The version you see here is the original Enterprise D constructed between 7 and 10 years ago with some refits and altercations.

As stated, the build started as an independent project with no plans on turning into what it eventually became, and what it did to everyone working on the project; created a unique community with a drive to do more and see where else the road would take us; Building full-scale starships on the regular.

Dynmap as of Sept. 27, 2020

Since the creation of the original Enterprise D on the server, one by one, other ships were created each with new styles, build constraints, and regulations to make them as perfect as could be. The first hull import was the USS Voyager. With this import came the new game-changing levels of detail and accuracy. After the Voyager came our Enterprise E in 2015 as our trophy build. Between these ships came dozens including the TOS-Enterprise C (Probert AND Sternbach) until the decision to do an Enterprise D V2 came about.

V2 was an utter failure for many reasons (that of which a book is currently being written) and a V3 was begun from scratch, taking from 2016-2020 to successfully reach Phase 4 of buildout (all conduit connections, power routed, rooms placed and main sections fully modeled).

As an exclusive look into our current build standards, the first 2 decks of our V3 Enterprise D have been placed starboard of the Enterprise D Saucer so that you can see the comparison of 10 years of evolution.

2010 Old EntD VS 2020 New EntD

Using the builds on our server, we hope to one day change the way real-life large-scale architectural projects could be approached and designed by businesses in the future, bringing to light an incredible advantage that Minecraft uniquely gives to unify every aspect of large scale builds (complex plumbing, architecture interfering with electrical, etc) into a multi-user platform to perform real-time projects, adjustments and demonstrations.

We invite you to this ancient project to witness the culmination of hundreds at the beginning of an era trying to achieve the impossible. Thousands of hours spent between thousands of people across ten years has led to this.


We keep our server up and running all the time unless it’s under maintenance. We have several ships to look at including the updated version of the D and many more. You can also apply to join our build team if you’d like to join our endeavor.

You can see an archive of all of our work on various ships on LordAtrocities' Youtube page

NOTE: All of the hull work was done by hand before any access to major editing tools like WorldEdit and MCEdit, so the hull hugged the rough deck plans with no real hull geometry in mind, so a lot has been altered, destroying a lot of hull-edged rooms and features in order to compensate for the hulls true shape. There is also a 4-meter thick deck between decks 9 and 10 in order to accommodate the cobra head. It’s just a lot, okay? Try to ignore it, this is classic MC we’re talking here.
CreditAll of the Trekcraft builders
Progress100% complete

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Gang Gang :3
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Crazy that our server has been going for 10 years, here's to the next 10!
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