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The Original World Trade Center - Sept. 2001 - 2:1

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How to find on server: Join the server @mc.blueprint-creative.com, once you are online, use the command /warp OriginalWTC

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TheSquishedMan avatar TheSquishedMan
Level 17 : Journeyman Architect
The World Trade Center | A Minecraft 2:1 Recreation

This is my attempt at a 100% perfect recreation of the Original WTC as it stood on September 10th, 2001. The goal is to have every last detail, measurement, and furnishing accounted for. (Meaning a full interior and exterior) If you are interested in following along as this project is built, head on over to the server discord (Link in profile!) It should be noted; there will not be a download available. This project will only be viewable on the Blueprint Realism Server.

Final Plan Consists Of the Following |
- 100% Accurate Depiction of the WTC; No detail will be forgotten
- Surrounding Roads; West St, Vesey St, Church St, Liberty St, Washington St, West Broadway, Barclay St & more
- Surrounding Buildings; World Financial Center, Verizon Building, Federal Building, St Pauls, Millenium Hilton, Century27 Building, 1Lib Plaza & More

Tower 1: 60% Complete
Tower 2: 55% Complete
Marriott: 30% Complete
4WTC: 75% Complete
5WTC: 70% Complete
6WTC: 80% Complete
7WTC: 30% Complete
Plaza / Exterior: 55% Complete
Mall: 15% Complete
Basement & Subway System: 10% Complete

Pack: BP 1.6 - Downloadable using /resource pack on the server!

Additional Credit Goes to _Elderwizard_ & Jimphf - They have both helped in various ways with planning, design, and some construction!
Credit_Elderwizard_ Jimphf
Progress50% complete

11 Update Logs

Progress Update #11 : by TheSquishedMan 06/24/2023 11:31:58 pmJun 24th

Progress Update
  • 4 World Trade Center now has an almost full plaza level. (Currently Only Missing Gemelli)
    This Includes:
      - Xando Cosi
      - Main Lobby Areas
      - Abandoned Marche Areas
      - Empty Tenant Spaces
      - Cores & Mechanical Areas
  • 5 World Trade Center now has a Concourse Level lobby, Aswell as some more minor updates on the plaza level.
  • 7 World Trade Center has been planned, and a shell has been constructed. Interior planning is underway!
  • The Concourse & Mall has had major progress!
    This includes:
      - THE GAP Store Front
      - Sbarro Store Front
      - PATH Square & Escalators
      - One WTC Entrance
      - Americas Coffee Store Front
      - Banana Republic Store Front
      - Thomas Pink Store Front
      - Miscellaneous Mechanical Areas
      - Duane Reade Store Front
      - 5WTC Concourse Lobby Areas
      - 5WTC Plaza Lobby Escalator
  • The WTC Subgrade & Subway System has also had some pretty significant progress!
    This Includes:
      - IRT Station & Tunnels are almost complete - (Missing the Southern Stairs & Tunnel, as well as some minor interior details)
More of 4 & 5WTC Subgrade Areas have been planned built, including tunnels and Mechanical Areas

Coming Up Soon:

  • Twins 100% Lobbies
  • Marriott Planning
  • 4-6WTC Core Work
  • 7WTC Lobby Planning & ConED
  • More Mall Construction
  • Finished IRT & More Planning

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I give this a 9 out of 11
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