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The Original World Trade Center | Sept. 2001

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How to find on server: Join the server at mc.blueprint-creative.com, once you are online, /warp OriginalWTC-New2:1

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TheSquishedMan avatar TheSquishedMan
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The Original World Trade Center | A Minecraft 3:1 Recreation

This is my attempt at a 100% perfect recreation at the Original WTC as of September 10th, 2001. The goal is to have every last detail, measurement, and furnishing accounted for. If you are interested in following along as this project is built, head on over to the server discord (Link in profile!)

!! the project is being restarted as of 03/22/22 due to scaling issues with 2:1 !!

Final Plan Consists Of the Following |
- 100% Accurate Depiction of the WTC; No detail will be forgotten
- 100% Accurate Depiction of the WFC; No detail will be forgotten
- Surrounding Roads; West St, Vesey St, Church St, Liberty St, Washington St, West Broadway, Barclay St & more
- Surrounding Buildings; Verizon Building, Federal Building, St Pauls, Millenium Hilton, Century Building, 1Lib Plaza & More

Replanning: 30% Completed

Pack: BP 1.6 - Downloadable using /resource pack on the server!
Progress5% complete

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : by TheSquishedMan 03/22/2022 10:34:44 pmMar 22nd

!! REPLAN !!

Due to scaling issues with 2:1, the project is being redeveloped and entirely replanned. 2:1 is an imperfect scale and causes issues when lining up specific distances in Minecraft, mostly associated with the conversion of feet to meters. For this reason, upon replanning, this issue has been much better accounted for and handled.

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