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Level 26 : Expert Architect

A house fit for a king.

The President's Mansion is the perfect place for a relaxing getaway free from the hustle of the Big City! The house, constructed in the late 19th century and located in the upper Borough of Cambridge provides you with quick access to the Big city, but without the crowds. Constructed in a beautiful Renaissance style, this house will surely attract anyone with the money for a relaxing and grand place to live! The house has a large front yard and is decorated with rose bushes along the walkway and trees. Construction time took around 4 hours and it was done by hand.
House Facts:

  • Construction Start: July 11, 1887
  • Construction Finish: October 9, 1890
  • Price: $3,500,000
  • Location: South Side, Borough of Cambridge, City of EFCC
  • Building Style: Renaissance
  • Head Architect: George Stevenson
  • Head Engineer: Thomas Stevenson
  • Construction Company: Stevenson Construction Company

  • 1 and 1/2 spacious washrooms + 1 master bathroom. (2 baths, one-half bath)
  • 1 Master suite with a full bath.
  • 1 Additional guest room with king-sized bed.
  • 2 Large staterooms, each with a fireplace.
  • Dining hall with room for 6 guests
  • Full kitchen with two stoves
All historical information about this build is a work of fiction and does not relate to any persons living or deceased or corporations.
By downloading this map, you agree to follow these terms:

1. You shall not claim credit for this work - all credit for the structure goes to Alco_Rs11
2. You are not to redistribute/reupload the world somewhere else and take credit for it.
3. You are to give full credit if you use the world for a server and provide a link to this map's PMC submission page.
4. You may use the world as a film/movie set provided you give credit to the map and provide a link to the map's PMC submission page.
5. Please contact me if you would like to use this build in another map.
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