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The Rastafarian Kingdoms

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TheSamluc avatar TheSamluc
Level 21 : Expert Architect
Hey people! As a huge fan of Minecraft and Medieval, my brother and I have been building a Minecraft Single Player map, called as the title says! It is our BIGGEST and unique project of Minecraft, particularly because we always keep updating it.

The Rastafarian Kingdoms project is a huge open-world continent to explore, inspired by Skyrim, Witcher, LotR and more. This world is entirely Medieval, Fantasy and Steampunk themed. Small rustic villages, great castles, flying ships,

The Rastafarian Kingdoms

The Rastafarian Kingdoms is an alliance of nations living under the Rastafarian rules to maintain peace and prosperity. The kingdoms are located on Mycenia, a continent where a variety of regional towns and bustling cities were built, scattered between the vast continent. The main cities are connected by roads, however the population can travel at ease by naval routes or consulting a mage for a teleport.

Louanges Palace

We say the Louanges Palace, also known as Castavinia West, is where the evergrowing civilisation of Mycenia started, the seed of the realm. It is a huge tower touching the sky limits, making it the main gate to the Sky lands and flying machines.

The small town is a peaceful place where any visitors can take a break. Considered the oldest place built on the continent after the Louanges Palace. It gathers many styles of homes (treehouses, main district, colorful quarter, harbor houses, etc.) and it connects to Katchek mountains.

Castavinia East/West
With a great defense system, the place is surrounded by citizens of all kind. It is located to the North of Lunaminia, divided by Loanges Castle (East) built on a hill, and the Loanges Palace (West) leading to our Skylands. The territory is filled with many different historical buildings.

The villagers of this desert have all they need to live the good life. It has a port located at the frontier of Pays des Lunes, next to Castavinia.

Britannia - The Minzeffel Castle is a place of wizardry and crafts.The kind of place any sorcerers or magicians would go, along with noble merchants for prosperous trades. Located at the south of Lunaminia down the Trade route.

Norsemia - With his fully enhanced castle and the walls, it offers extreme protection to nords and leave enough space inside for those who needs a house or a shop. It has unique houses with a big outpost in the snowy outskirts. It is the heart of the Norsemi continent (South of Mycenia). Favorite place of the strongest warriors.

Rastafaran - Located near the Rastafaran and controling the rocky biomes, the typic village of Mountain Goblins is the most dangerous place you can ever be. Those selfish fighters are keeping an eye on the village from the sky... Yes, they have big floating boats and flying vessels overseeing the mountain village.

Mirra-Terra is a snowy town surrounded by different biomes, giving him a strategic spot for ressources. Their castle is small but strongly compact.

Sometimes called the land of the ferret men, it is the native place of the mesleans, a ferret-humanoid hybrid.

Protecting the South of his kingdom, this desert town have an easy access to the ocean, making it the best town in maritime trades.

Updated villages:
Mirra-Terra, Anckora, Karajamm, Xenovia and Dagramorh. Amstrian, Nihlaan, Valdimor, Zarhakov and Xanok, Perseval.

Other central places to describe:
Valaether, the Elven forest.
Koah-Maku, city of Aztecs.
Pirate Islands + Pirate Base, home of the Raiders.

-Now with towns and roads on the map
-More and more buildings in towns

Older pictures shown will be updated with recent ones by time.

We also have a Statistic board showing all the information on each towns (written in french)
A telepad place is located at 0,90,0, where you can teleport to every towns by this spot.

We are hoping to make a server out of it, but I'm getting messed up at the Port-Forwarding point and with all the updates. We can't upload the map since it's too big (more than 1.9G), so we are gonna showcase schematics of the Kingdoms.

Progress85% complete

4 Update Logs

Update #4 : by TheSamluc 11/26/2018 1:00:45 pmNov 26th, 2018

5 years have passed since I updated the Rastafarian Kingdoms. Even though, my brother and I have been constantly working on it, being our only Single player world. The world is currently at a very nice step of refining and polishing here and there. The interiors as well as the exteriors are arranged to make it the more RPG and lore-friendly.

I removed the download link, since it no longer works. I might re-upload the world some day, but it's 1.9Gb. If we see any interest into seeing the entire result, I'll give it a try.

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11/26/2018 1:33 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Engineer
DarkenLM avatar
Want a advice? Don't put schematic download. Some computers may not load it.

P.S:Sorry if my english is wrong. I'm portuguese.
05/09/2013 12:41 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Taco
Restris23 avatar
Looks very good, about the port forwarding, hit the windows button and type in cmd, once the cmd comes up type in ipconfig then hit enter. Copy the IPV4 adress and search it, it should give you more info about the router and how to port forward it! Hope i helped, and diamond!
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