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The Return To Freddy's 5 Minecraft Map [1.19.2]

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Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
The Return To Freddy's 5 Minecraft map is a minecraft map from the fnaf fan game the return to freddy's 5 also know as TRTF 5

The map is a adventure horror map with the ability's to explore the building, finding keys and open doors and progress though the deadly Tortured animatronic that want to hunt you

You're an investigator, it's year 2036. Everyone, but you stepped down on a cold case of the mysteries and murders of Fazbear Inc. You... are alive... You... are the child from the past....

The map as 12 floor for you to explore

And your goal is to destroy the Torture Device

The map will also have some "extra" content


floor 1 done
floor 2 done
floor 3 done
floor 4 in progress
floor 5 not completed
floor 6 not completed
floor 7 not completed
floor 8 not completed
floor 9 not completed
floor 10 not completed
floor 11 not completed
floor 12 not completed
floor A done
floor B not completed
floor ? not completed
Progress20% complete

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