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The Station Nightclub & Memorial

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avatar blabla3
Level 16 : Journeyman Network
On February 20th, 2003, a fire broke out at a Great White concert at The Station Nightclub in West Warwick, Rhode Island. The fire was started by a pyrotechnics display on the stage. Soon after the fire had started, most of the concertgoers (462 people) went to the exit that they came in. The main entrance was a 6 foot wide hallway with one point of the hallway being only 1-2 people wide. A flash-over occurred within 1 minute of the fire starting. Sound-proof foam on the walls helped accelerate the fire and the material of the building. A total of 100 people died in the fire, most of which died inside. A total of 31 people died in the narrow hallway.Days following, the fire was investigated and the wreckage was cleaned up. A temporary memorial was set up. On May 21, 2017, an opening ceremony for the new memorial was held which contains all the victims of the fire and a timeline. The investigation concluded that the club was 58 people over-crowded, the recently installed sound-proof stage foam was illegally installed and was missed by the inspectors days before. Also, there was a lack of exits and signs weren't clear where the exits were. Sprinklers were not installed in the building previously because of its age but were required by fire inspectors right before the Great White performance. The Station Nightclub fire was the 4th deadliest fire in US history.

**The map is not completed and was uploaded early so it could be uploaded on the 16th anniversary of the fire (February 20th, 2019)
**When the map is finished it will include:
  • Restaurant & Nightclub models
  • The wreckage of the fire
  • The temporary memorial
  • The current memorial
**There will be 2 different ways to explore and learn about the Station Nightclub history and impact:
-A timeline/history map that starts in the 1940's and ends in 2017
-Players will be taken through a timeline with accurate information.
-A self explore map where you can see the Restaurant, Nightclub, Wreckage, Temporary Memorial, and Memorial models.
-The fire will be included in both maps and/or can be triggered by the player.
-The included pyrotechnics display will start the fire and have it spread accurately.

There is a texture/resource pack that you have to download

so the world looks like the real building.Link: Texture/Resource Pack
*The resource pack is a x16-x128+ resource pack*
*The model will be improved in the coming weeks-months*
*All data of the building is built to my fullest extent and is accurate wherever there is data for the building*

The best version to play this in is 1.13+ (Java Edition). The other versions might cause block issues.

**Recommended: Optifine, Fire Animation Off (For higher FPS), Flame Animated Off, Redstone Animated Off

**When extracting: use 7-zip or WinRar and right click and then click the "Extract Here" button.**

**Data from Station Nightclub Fire, Wikipedia, testimonies, survivor stories, and other reliable sources.**

Give credit to me if you use this on YouTube, internet, etc. by inserting a URL somewhere or project page.

f there are any issues with the world or the download, let me know.
Created by: NicbriTNT13
Progress40% complete

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