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The TARDIS - Doctor Who (Classic Who to Modern Who) Series 1 - Series 11

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avatar TheDarkWilliams
Level 27 : Expert Architect
This is The TARDIS, the magnificent Bigger on the Inside, Time-Traveling marvel that takes the Doctor everywhere around the universe.

Thing's I'm Going to Build:
eighth Doctor's Interior,
seventh Doctor's Interior,
sixth Doctor's Interior,
fifth Doctor's Interior,
fourth Doctor's Interior,
third Doctor's Interior,
Second Doctor's Interior,
Wardrobe (Tenth Era),
Library (Eleventh Era),
Art Gallery,
Swimming Pool (Fourth Doctor Era),
The Center of the Tardis,

Thing's I'm Building:
Swimming Pool,
I.M.Foreman 76 - Totter's lane junkyard,
First Doctor's Interior,

Thing's I've Built:
Junkyard TARDIS,
Thirteenth Doctor's Interior,
Thirteenth Doctor's Storage Room (Custom (this was my own addition to the TARDIS so i could store things)),
War Doctor's Interior,
Architectural Reconfiguration System Tree,
Fourth Doctor's Secondary Console,
Twelfth Doctor's Interior,
Eleventh Doctor's Second Interior,
Eleventh Doctor's First Interior,
tenth/ninth Doctor's Interior,
Paradox Machine,
The Eye of Harmony,

credit goes to Ace Creeper for making the Resource Pack. You will also need mods in Version 1.10.2: Building Blocks, Malisis Doors, Optifine, there may be more but i can't remember them.
CreditAce Creeper
Progress25% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 02/10/2019 4:04:33 pmFeb 10th

The Download is now available.

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