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The Three Founding States | Havenish Heritage Cities

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Travel back in time to the good old days of Minecraft 1.5.2 when only two flowers existed, and pig was our version of the horse. Note that this map CAN BE PLAYED IN HIGHER VERSIONS but some command blocks may not function. Apart from that, there's nothing else to worry about. This map is from a time when the map maker was still a Minecraft youngster way back in 2013. The progress of this map reached its peak in 2014 before the map maker upgraded into a higher version to work on another city.


The Three Founding States
is a map where the first three states that made up the Duane Jared States of Minecraft (DJSM) are located. These states are Minington , California , and Heavenly Peace.

Before the transformation of the former DJSM into the current Empire of Havenland, Minington D.C. was the capital city of the democratic republic of DJSM. All the activities of the country were focused in Minington D.C. and it is also where the president resided. The state of Minington got its name from its two divisions: The City of Minington D.C. and the town of Big Minington, which are also termed "Minington" for the rich underground resources and mine shafts that can be found in the area.

The unification of the Duane Jared States of Minecraft with the northern Kingdom of Haven led to the conversion of the republic into a parliamentary monarchy, changing its name into the Duane Jared Empire of Minecraft (Empire of Havenland). This also led to the transfer of the capital city to Stockington Base in the State of Haven where the royal family and the government now reside and operate.

In the map, California features a village, a United Nations of Minecraft function hall, a movie set environment and a zoo.
Heavenly Peace features an international airport, an embassy, a presidential aircraft and Emerald City.

Background of Havenland:

Havenland, formally known as the Duane Jared Empire of Minecraft is a micronation in the realm of Minecraftia established in 2015 after the former Duane Jared States of Minecraft democratic republic that was established in 2013. The head of state is His Majesty King DuaneTheBlockBoy, who was also president of the former republic DJSM. The capital of the empire is Stockington Base in the State of Haven where the government is usually headquartered and where development and progress is focused.
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