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The Community of Woodland Project. - A Modest community, a large Region.

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avatar Nate OVERKILL
Level 19 : Journeyman Architect
--The Town of Woodland Project--

Hello! Im Nate, Im the creator of The woodland project. I would like to share my story of its founding with you. :)

A Dedicated, Single builder project created in the
Summer of

Please give credit that Twisted Craft hub built The Woodland Project!

--The Story of Woodland's Founding.--

In the middle of a year of change, I was tempted to build my first Survival world. In the beta days of Minecraft. The version was 1.7.3 to be exact. My mind was running wild. I would want to build the largest structures I could only beleive of. But I was limited in action. There was no creative mode in those days. You had to rely on mods to seek out any potential for building similar to todays creative mode in Minecraft. I would give my best effort. I would spend a day at a time building, and tearing than refurbishing the landscape. The work paid off after a few weeks of working. Not every day did I work though. The city was large and it was encompassed by four smaller towns In order: Forest Hills, Spring Dale, Forest Acres, and the newest town Summit. I was impressed by my ability for my work to pay off.
One Day... I realized my world had been lost. I feared the worst, but hoped for the best... My few hours of searching all backups proved successful. I had found the world save. There was one bad aspect though. It was a way earlyer version of the world. I at this point was not feeling the warmth from my soul.

--The Reincarnation of Woodland.--
Fast forward to the regional date of early september 2014. This marked my advance to complete the Woodland project. I would slowly rebuild the sections of each area in the region. I would spend a couple hours almost every day reconstructing the once shining woodland back into its familiar shape. The progress of woodland has far exceeded the full work I accomplished in 2011.
Its been nearly two and a half months the project has been worked on since early september 2014. The progress is immaculate compared to the complete Woodland of 2011.

Now it is my turn to share it with you.

Please stay tuned to the update logs! I will continue to update the project in my spare time.

Thank you for you kind support! It helps me continue building.

Thank you for your time!

CreditNatemann1617, WPGG
Progress100% complete

11 Update Logs

ROADWAY UPDATE : 02/02/2017 1:29:13 amFeb 2nd, 2017

Added Many New Roads around woodland, And reshaped downtown Major roadways. Other Minor Things have been added aswell.


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I want to live there, I want to live there now
  • juggerboy
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  • November 1, 2014, 7:37 pm
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