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The Treasure of the Pact (1.11.2)

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WattWeavers avatar WattWeavers
Level 30 : Artisan Button Pusher
Update: Sorry for all the bugs! After getting feedback from some people we were able to fix some of the bugs and problems. More detail in the Update logs :)


This map is based on the SMP server The Pact so if you are not Bulgarian and/or you are not familiar with the server and it's comunity you might not get some of the jokes or references in the map.


The treasure, found by the pirate Dido_d, has cursed most of the members of The Pact. It's your job to free them from the curse and save them. Welcome to the singleplayer, CTM/Adventure map - The Treasure of the Pact!


Съкровището, намерен от пирата Dido_d, покълна повечето членове от Пакта. Твоя задача е да ги освободиш от заклинанието и да ги спасиш. Добре дошли в singleplayer, CTM/Adventure мап - The Treasure of the Pact!

If you lose your monument items if you fall from the void
If you lose your monument items you can always cheat! There is a chest
over the monument where the command blocks are there are all the
monument items. If you lose a head you can use a regular one.

CreditEvilTanks, Wiivo, Freeboy_2000, ElectriX
Progress100% complete

2 Update Logs

Major Bug Fixes : by WattWeavers 02/23/2017 5:20:30 pmFeb 23rd, 2017

- Fixed the bug that would give you The Egg Cracker after killing HeaveNBUL
- Fixed the bug that Hazel wouldn't spawn.
- Fixed the bug where it would randomly detect an item from the monument.
- Fixed a bug where it wouldn't give you Shogunate's Sword after you killed both bosses from The Lost City.
- Fixed some dialogue bugs.
- Fixed a bug where it would spawn you in the middle of nothing if you died in The End.
- Added a portal that would spawn after killing the final boss.

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12/30/2017 9:26 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
BlackTornadou avatar
-bosses are not spawning
-huge log of multiple errors showing in console like : [@: No objective was found by
'@p[score_start=5]' cannot be found]the name 'start']

-portal is not oppening
fix it pls
besides that i love the design of the map really cool :)
02/23/2017 3:14 am
Level 24 : Expert Taco
Smanbg avatar
Евала, страхотна карта!
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