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The Ultimate King of the Ladder [Multiplayer Mini-Game Map]

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KRMisha avatar KRMisha
Level 29 : Expert Engineer
1-Fully automated scoreboard that tracks each player's score using Command Blocks! The first player to 300 points wins!
2-Custom items!
3-Many different random events that happen everytime the timer runs out! The longer it takes for someone to win, the harder it gets!
4-Four Pads that give special power-ups (or the occasionnal de-buffs!)
5-Instantaneous respawns! There is no need to lose precious game time to pick up your lost items! You respawn, fully prepared for action!
6-The map resets itslef automatically after every game! No need to reload it from a world save to play a second time!
7-If you play this map on a server, make sure you enable Command Blocks in the server.properties file!

Important note:
If you make a video of you playing or showing off this map, please leave a link to this project or to the video trailer in your video description.

Map made by KRMisha and Invensations.
Progress100% complete

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