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The Ultimate Minecraft Bunker (Prototype Version) (Over 25,000,000 Blocks!)

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avatar UltimateBunker1
Level 43 : Master Engineer
Quick Description:
-Over 25,000,000 Blocks In Size
-Over 15 Rooms
-Over 20 Redstone Mechanisms
-Length 600 Blocks, Width 512 Blocks, Height 85 Blocks

Full Description:
This prototype version is one of five different prototypes that were made to perfect the Ultimate Minecraft Bunker. This one as well as the other four were never finished, they were only to test ideas and different designs. This bunker is no where near to being done, but it is a great start to making a bunker. This bunker is no where near as nice and advanced as the Ultimate Minecraft Bunker. Some of the ideals from this bunker did make it into the Ultimate Minecraft Bunker. Such as the automatic farms being connected to the sorting and storage facility, a giant room that simulates the feel of nature, and a virtually invisible entrance. Below are some photos, a description, and a download button for the prototype bunker.

One of the hardest parts of making an advanced bunker is already done, the automatic storage and sorting facility. When you create a new auto farm you will simply need to hook the farm up to one of the hoppers running underneath the floor. The automatic storage and sorting facility is almost always quiet, which is nice because many of these facilities are noisy. This facility may create some lag on some older computers, however some other designs create a lot more lag. The giant room that simulates nature is almost finished, you will just need to add lakes, rivers, steams, and/or hills if you need them, right now the ground is almost perfectly flat. One unique feature to this prototype is that it has an alternative hideout. This hide out is in a nearby artificial jungle, inside of the tallest tree is a small room that you can hide out in. One other unique feature is that you have the option to lock the bunker door so no one can enter, even if they have the correct passcode. Some other features to this prototype are lava rooms and lava curtains for added security, a beacon so you can find your way back to the bunker, part of the bunker is protected by bedrock, and a Redstone elevator that takes you down 60 blocks.

Visit My Website: http://www.ultimateminecraftbunker.com

Progress100% complete

4 Update Logs

Update #4 : 05/29/2019 2:07:38 pmMay 29th, 2019

Fixed The map and a download link is now available.

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