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World's Greatest Redstone Bunker (Over 45,000,000 Blocks!) (AKA The Ultimate Minecraft Bunker (Version 2.0))

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avatar UltimateBunker1
Level 31 : Artisan Engineer
Quick Description:
-Over 45,000,000 Blocks In Size
-Over 500 Rooms
-Over 200 Redstone Mechanisms
-Length 1100 Blocks, Width 512 Blocks, Height 80 Blocks

Full Description:
Over 1,400 hours(over 4,000 MC days) was put into making this bunker and was built by a aerospace engineering student. Five unfinished bunker prototypes were made to test different ideas and designs and to perfect the greatest Minecraft bunker in the world. It took about 1,700 Minecraft days to construct the prototypes. The size of the bunker is 512 Blocks wide by 1100 Blocks length by 80 blocks tall. The bunker has more than 200 Redstone mechanisms, easily. The entire bunker is encased in bedrock and is 100% invisible from the outside. The Farms Can Produce up to 60,000 items per hour. Below is a list of just about everything this bunker has. The Bunker produces enough food and has enough room to permanently sustain 5,000 to 10,000 residents.

Visit My Website: http://www.ultimateminecraftbunker.com

Places & Mechanisms Inside Bunker:

•Fully Automatic Farms
1.Melon Farm
2.Pumpkin Farm
3.Sugar Cane Farm
4.Cactus Farm
5.Egg Farm
6.Bread Factory
7.Potato Farm
8.Carrot Farm
9.Wheat And Seed Farm
10.Beetroot And Beetroot Seed Farm
11.Mushroom Farm
12.Flower And Seed Farm
13.Rose, Sunflower, Peonies, And Lilac Farm
14.Mob Farm, catches almost every type of mob in the game

•Semi Automatic Farms
1.Wood, Sapling, And Apple Farm
2.Wool Farm, every color
3.Cocoa Bean Farm
4.Chorus Fruit Farm
5.Nether Wart Farm
6.Cobblestone/Stone Farm
7.Obsidian Farm
8.Vine Farm
9.Fishing Farm
10.XP Farm, gives a lot of XP and catches a lot of items

•The Vault
1.Nuclear Power Plant, working
2.Air Filtration System, working
3.Emergency Defense Center, can close the entrance and fire huge automatic TNT cannon , arrow dispensers, and lava dispensers
4.End Ship
5.Desert Temple
6.Jungle Temple
7.The End. Portal
8.End Gateway Portal
9.Dragon Eggs, 100's Of Eggs
10.God Armor And God Tools, very powerful
11.Ice Spike
13.Wells, desert well and desert village well
14.Witch Hut
15.Chests Of Rare Items
16.End Crystal, working
17.Desert Blacksmith
18.Head Collection
19.Natural Pink Sheep
20.Gold Room, 1,000's of gold ingots
21.Emerald Room, 1,000's of emeralds
22.Diamond Room, 1000's of diamonds

•Zoo/Aquarium, with 35 different mobs, including the infamous Ender Dragon
•Football Field
•Soccer Field
•Basketball Court
•18 Hole Golf Course, Can Play Golf On All 18 Holes
•Race Track, has pit-stop and stadium
•Dirt Race Track, for horse, motorbike, and rally car racing, working starting gates and timers
•2 Mechanics Garages, one at each race track, working lifts, and vehicles you can sit in
•Blacksmith Shop And Horse Stable
•TNT Cannon Creating Facility, designed for testing TNT cannons
•Manual Storage Facility, holds up to 900,000 items
•Bowling Alley, With Bowling Game
•Connect 4 Blocks Game
•Extra Capacity Living Facility, can hold up to 3,000 residents, has bathrooms, showers, cafeterias, and lounges
•3 15-Person Bunkers, one in each modern mansion
•Tennis Court
•Pool, including a working water slide, working jumping boards, and a fake lagoon
•Roller Coaster
•Smart Dome, simulates day/night and the feel of nature
•3 Modern Mansions, inside Smart Dome
•105 Bunker Style Suites, with everything needed to live and working locking doors
•Smart Interactive Creating Facility, build and test things with explosions, water, lava, and darkness
•Automatic Stackable Item Sorting and Storage Facility, holds 320 different items and about 20,000,000 items total, all farms are connected to this facility
•Automatic Non-Stackable Item Sorting and Storage Facility, holds about 10,000 non-stackable items total, all farms are connected to this facility
•Mining Facility, about 700,000 mineable Minecraft generated blocks
•Automatic Cloths/Armor Dispenser, just stand there and it will put cloths/armor on you
•Automatic Potion Brewing Facility, gives everything to make any potion
•Automatic Fireworks Making Facility, gives everything to make any firework
•Automatic Dying Facility, gives everything to dye almost anything
•Automatic Trading Facility, chose villager and it will come to you
•Automatic Rideable Mob Dispenser, press button and it will give mob to you
•Automatic Ore Smelter, Glass Maker, Food Cooker, And Charcoal Maker, has auto storage
•Movie Theater/Auditorium, working lights
•Automatic Nether Portal, creates nether portal for you
•Automatic End Portal, floor opens to reveal end portal
•Rock, Paper, And Scissors Game, one or two player, indicates the winner or if tie
•Dance Game, gives diamonds when you dance correctly
•Shooting Range, gives your score with diamonds for each round
•Battling Game, generates your specified mob(s) at your specified rate that you need to fight for 4min
•Slot Machine, can win different amounts of diamonds
•Specially Designed Transportation system, needed to get around bunker faster
•All Steps And Hallways are designed so you can ride a horse everywhere in the bunker, to get around faster
Progress100% complete

9 Update Logs

Update #9 : 09/15/2018 5:34:47 pmSep 15th

I usually tend to describe too much so I added a quick description.

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  • Sam13374343
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • September 11, 2018, 11:02 pm
Hi mate I know how it feel's but making other people happy will make you happy

you don't have to get so up set mate your base's are very cool but what is the point someone have to buy it for did you do the map for money or to make people happy you got the Dimond's you asked for but you did not but the mirror download in people might take away their like's for it just think about that we all love your map's but most of us don't like that we have to pay
I am sorry if I sounded up set. If It was from the words being capitalized, it is a habit I picked up. I am a aerospace engineering student who is struggling to pay my way through college. Just my books cost a fortune. Last year I decided to do a year build every year to help pay for my expenses. Asking for money for an average build is unacceptable, that is why put 1,000's of hours into these amazing builds. I do feel bad for asking for money for my builds, but I have to do what I have to do. I do have redstone devices that are free to download, which are on my website and planetminecraft. I am not making a fortune on these bunkers and I will never get back the money from the time I put into these bunkers. I am only making enough to pay for some of my books and school supplies, and every little bit helps.
I am not meaning this one the nuke base with the plane in it

where is the download

I Put Tons & Tons Of Work Into This Bunker, Over 1,400 Hours. That's About 5 Hours A Day, Every Day For An Entire Year. Due To This Amount Of Work I Did Not Put A Download Button On Planet Minecraft. If You Want The Bunker Very Badly, You Can Acquire The Bunker On My Website: http://www.ultimateminecraftbunker.com
Where is the download?
I Put Tons & Tons Of Work Into This Bunker, Over 1,400 Hours. That's About 5 Hours A Day, Every Day For An Entire Year. Due To This Amount Of Work I Did Not Put A Download Button On Planet Minecraft. If You Want The Bunker Very Badly, You Can Acquire The Bunker On My Website: http://www.ultimateminecraftbunker.com

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