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The Unseen One - New Mob for Vanilla Minecraft

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Just in time for Halloween I've created a new spooky mob for vanilla minecraft. It's The Unseen One - a mob that you can only see in the corner of your eye - if you look directly at it, it turns invisible!

This is a rare mob for normal Minecraft worlds. Whenever a Zombie spawns, theres a 2% (1 in 50) that an Unseen one will spawn instead. The Unseen are melee mobs that will go after players as any other melee mob - but they can't be seen unless at the edge of your screen (on reasonable FOVs) or for a 1.5 seconds after being hit. Otherwise, you can hear them by their ghost whisper sounds and see a slight flicker of smoke every so often.

Killing an unseen one yields XP and a potion of invisibility.

To get an Unseen one without finding a naturally spawned one, take a Zombie spawn egg and rename it "Unseen" in an anvil.

To get it either download the world file, or import it into your world. To get it into your world you can either get it as a schematic or as three commands to run using command blocks. In either case, after you have the device in your world, press a button to start.

You also need the resource pack for the sounds.

The three commands can be downloaded here - make sure you run them in the correct order:
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