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The Walking Dead Season 4 Map 1.7.2

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The Walking Dead Season 4 map

Created by: Dragion172(Owner) and Team Infinity and with the help of superclift1

DOWNLOAD -----> http://www.fileswap.com/dl/F3UFXWGciN/Walking_Dead_Map_1.4.7.rar.html


Map Features

2-4 Players

Custom Trades

Custom Weapons

Custom Enchants

10 Custom Zombie Spawners

2 Boss Fights

Command Blocks

1 - 2 Hours Game play

Keep Inventory On Death

No Mods

Awesome Ending !


1. Survive two days on the farm (on the second day, explore the barn, when it burns flee for the path)

2. Don't go to far off the path (or you will just plain get lost and die)

3. Help all villagers that you come across on your way to the prison

4. Find "Ricks Journals" in order

5. Clear our the prison and make it your home

6. Beat the final boss of the prison !

7. Survive ! (It will be hard)

*Final Boss - The Warden He is quite hard and you will get to him & his minion's and also his magic !

Basic Rules:

1. No spawning in items

2. Stick to the story

3. Do all challenges

4. No changing time ! (pressure plates along the way do it for you)

5. No breaking blocks that you clearly are not suppose to break !

6. Play on Easy, Normal Or Hard

You Can:

1. Follow the story and the command prompts.

2. Use the tools you get for their purpose (as there too weak for walkers anyways)

3. Explore the grounds (as the secret item "golden carrots" will be hidden in chests & will be in custom trades)

4. Break spawners (its encouraged, all the time ! they all should spawn right.... plus you'll get few pickaxes)

5. Mob looting (cow, chicken...pig. w.e loot it !

6. Kill all spawners and walkers map wide !

7. Use the custom villager trades to benefit you !

*Extra Note*

Settings have to be on EASY on a fresh spawn, Don't spawn in and be on PEACEFUL and switch to EASY as it wrecks some placed mobs such as (The Warden) Just check your settings at the MAIN Minecraft Screen.

The game starts in CREATIVE mode. Don't change it as commands blocks will change the game mode for you ! (if you do, you may spawn some random place)

If you LIKE the map, Subscribe, Comment & Diamonds Are Always Appreciated !
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12/05/2013 4:55 pm
Level 20 : Expert Modder
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