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The Walls: Doomsday - PvP Survival

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Chaosflo44's Avatar Chaosflo44
Level 59 : Grandmaster Batman
- 1.6 -

The Walls: Doomsday is a doomsday themed PvP Survival map. It's inspired by Hypixel's The Walls maps.

There are 9 chests and 4 diamonds in the starting zones. Additionally there are 4 diamonds and a special chest in the middle. Also there are many cave systems and structures all over the map.

After the game starts players have 20 minutes to prepare themselves. After that the walls will fall down. 10 minutes after the walls have gone down everyone gets teleported into a deathmatch arena and fight till death. I made this to avoid campers :)

This map is fully automated with command blocks. Just choose your team and wait for the admin to start the game. When the start button is pressed, the game starts in less than 30 seconds.

The map is separated by giant sand walls, players start each on their own platforms and after 20 minutes, the walls falls and the player can kill each others. The last man or team standing wins the game.

You can craft armors, build traps, canons, fortress and much more... just like minecraft, the world is yours.
Hidden treasures will give you an edge with unobtainable items on this limited world.
However there are some rules!

Rules for Players
-Once you got teleported into your zone, you can free to go and prepare yourself before the walls goes down.
- DO NOT break any sand or gravel blocks from the giant walls.
- DO NOT leave your zone delimited by bedrocks / custom walls.
- DO NOT build over the sand walls height.
- You can create alliances, however only one player or team can win. You can betray your friends.
- Use your skills, intelligence and creativity to kill other players.

Rules for Host

- To start the game, press the start button when everyone is ready. You cannot reset! So make sure everyone is ready.
- Make sure to have a player assigned to the Zone close to the clock with 2 wires.
- Make sure you have monsters OFF.

Map Built by:
Team Chaos: http://youtube.com/TeamChaosBuilds

I hope you all enjoy.
Don't forget to leave a diamond for more awesome PvP maps :D

***YouTube terms of use***
You are also allowed record any footage on this map and post it on youtube, but please provide your viewers a link to this video or a link to Chaosflo44's youtube channel, http://www.youtube.com/Chaosflo44
Thank you for your support, it allows me to keep making maps! :)

Progress100% complete

2 Update Logs

v1.1 : by Chaosflo44 07/21/2013 11:03:47 amJul 21st, 2013

#Updated map to Minecraft 1.6
+ Added Horses
+ Added Hay Bales
+ Added some 1.6 loot
* LESS LAG when the walls fall :D
* Diamond Ore will now fall from the sky when the walls fall. They still land in the same position as before
* Some smaller changes, tweaks and balances

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12/11/2013 2:23 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Architect
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07/21/2013 11:26 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Architect
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07/21/2013 11:01 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Batman
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Map updated to 1.6 :D
05/13/2013 7:21 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Cowboy
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This map looks fun to play on haahaa
05/11/2013 12:51 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Modder
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Very nice looks great
-WolfPack Corp.
Do you need any help recording it? ot posting it on youtube?