The Wool Tests

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Level 6 : Apprentice Warrior

The Wool Tests is a puzzle map focused around special wool blocks that all do different things. It's my first map, so if the puzzles aren't the best, that's why. The texture pack I used for the world specific resources is Easy Blocks by 1kick234too, who allowed me to put the texture pack in, check out his rad pack!


You are Subject 277, you do not know how you got here, but you do know that you have to complete tests using special wool blocks. Why are these strange men watching you, what is really going on here? You don't know, but you feel like something is off. You decide that when you get the chance you will attempt to escape this place. Will you survive the tests that lay ahead, or will you end up like the other 276 subjects? Only time will tell.

The Special Wool Blocks

Steel Wool
Steel Wool can be used to destroy black stained glass blocks and is also used to fight mobs that will show up later. It's the first wool you get and can be upgraded twice to increase it's damage. This will probably be the one that's used most by the player.

Pure Steel Wool
Steel Wool that has been purified by lightning, it can cause more damage to mobs you encounter and can break both black and orange stained glass.

Purest Steel Wool
Pure Steel Wool that has been plated in bright shimmering silver, it is extremely effective against the mobs you encounter and can break black, orange, and red stained glass. It also has a +8 health boost, great if you want to be able to handle more damage.

Companion Wool
If you have played Portal 2, you probably understand what's happening here. This wool block doesn't really do much, it just makes you feel less lonely. When times are hard, it's best to just hug this wool block. It probably won't make you feel any better, but it's warm. 

Shield Wool
If this wool block is held in your offhand, it'll give you twelve armor toughness points. When it is combined with the Purest Steel Wool, it is extremely effective at keeping you alive when fighting the stronger mobs that will be later in the map.

Construction Wool
Construction Wool can be placed on lapis blocks and is used in several tests to build bridges and walls. It is the most plentiful wool in the entire map as some later tests will have several build zones.

Bridge Wool
Bridge wool is similar to Construction Wool, but it is used to activate static bridges that already exist in test rooms. It is often used as a way to get back to earlier parts of tests in order to do something that you previously couldn't.

Medical Wool
In tests where there are things that can hurt you, you will often find medical stations. These can be activated with Medical Wool and can be used up to 10 times. Once completely exhausted, they can never be used again. Use medical stations and medical wool sparingly, as they are both rare things to find.

Garbage Wool
It may sound worthless at first, but they can be used to open garbage chutes. This really comes in handy in the orange district of the lab where waste is managed, though, I don't think you're supposed to be down there.

Lava Wool
There are pipes throughout the lab that carry lava around, mainly as a means of thermal power for the lab. Using Lava Wool, certain lava pipes can be activated in order to progress through a test or to power some mechanism.

Energy Wool
There are several electric machines throughout the tests, like wool/item droppers and energy bridges. Energy Wool has been implanted with a special battery that can power these machines.

Magical Wool
There are several odd magic powered machines throughout the tests, like fireball launchers, honey walls, and slime floors. These can be powered with Magical Wool and are a bit more rare than electric machines. It is unknown why the people who run this place would need to use such ancient technology.

Key Wool
There are doors connecting different tests and different sections of tests. These can be unlocked with Key Wool, allowing travel trough the doorway. The most common wool used for the activation of something.

Portal Wool
In some tests, there are teleporters that let you get from one part of a test, to a different part of the test in a short time. Useful for the bigger tests that have more steps and distance that needs to be traveled. The rarest wool that can be used for the activation of something.

Corruption Wool
Used to activate a strange transdimensional gate, I wonder where it leads? Only one way to find out.

Blood Wool
Used to summon something...something terrible. You must destroy whatever it is at all costs!

Enemy Types

Android Foot Soldier
10 Health
2 Damage

Android Ranger
24 Health
1-5 Ranged Damage

Android Hunter
10 Damage
Puzzle Mechanic

Android Commander
60 Health
1-5 Ranged Damage + Slowness


Android Berserker

40 Health
3 Damage

Android Commando
20 Health + Armored
2 Damage

Android Gunner
30 Health + Armored
1-5 Ranged Damage

Energy Android
100 Health
0 Damage
Puzzle Mechanic

Completed Tests

Black District 8/12

Subject 277's Containment Cell

Test 1

Test 2

Test 3

Test 4

Test 5 Review

Test 6

Test 7

Orange District 0/12


The Concrete Testing Facility 1/12

The Old Incineration

Red District 0/12

Credit1kick234too, Valve
Progress30% complete

13 Update Logs

Early Release #1 : 08/16/2020 3:01:25 amAug 16th

Once the first 12 areas are done, I will put a map file up containing them

08/06/2020 4:21 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Looks awesome! Can't wait to play it!!
05/26/2020 7:25 am
Level 28 : Expert Cowboy
Looks cool! It remindes me of a portal game.
05/26/2020 7:25 am
Level 28 : Expert Cowboy
Also when this map is gonna be release?
05/26/2020 2:21 pmhistory
Level 6 : Apprentice Warrior
Not sure exactly, but I'm hoping to release it sometime during the summer. And portal was the inspiration for a lot of the stuff, which will become somewhat obvious when it's finished.
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