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Theragan - A Medieval World

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Theragan is a passion project started by the founders of EB Productions. The goal of the project is to recreate a realistic fictitious Medieval world based on the physics and cultures of medieval Europe and surroundings during the late middle ages. All settlements and cities are supported in a comprehensive lore that is constantly being worked on to create an extra dimension to the project.

Server ip: theragan.fluctis.com

Different builders including EB Productions themselves individually build on cities in different building styles to represent different cultures and origins. The project at the moment of uploading this to PMC is already roughly 5 years in the making. Switching from map to map to where we are right now. The map we currently use is about 20,000² blocks in size and will most likely be extended even further in the future if hardware allows for it.

These are the projects that are currently being build:
Theams - The capital of Theragan - by EpreTroll and Bouke
Springcliffs - The capital of Raxis - by Protalz
Arsgeroff - A small town with a huge castle - by lmdohar
Hemburg - A port city - by Luxxv
St.Falkor - A small town - by Jet
and much more!

If you are interested to take a look into the world yourself and fly around you can join our server or watch the video on our YouTube channel. We are always recruiting new builders as long as we have space for more

In the end goal we hope to achieve a large detailed world map. It is pretty much just an extensive art-project and we do not aim to implement it as an adventure map or role-play server for now, however future goals might change.
Progress100% complete

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04/06/2019 7:01 pm
Level 29 : Expert Network
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Can't wait to see this project blow up, man!
02/22/2019 12:38 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Artist
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This looks awesome !
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