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There is no Learning Curve [3 Player Coop] [Puzzle Map]

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avatar PharmyB
Level 44 : Master Crafter
*** As Played By Yogscast & CaptainSparklez ***

*** 120,000 Downloads Wordlwide ***

*** 'There is no Learning Curve 2', the sequel, now available ***

This puzzle/adventure map is a three player cooperative experience like no other. Decipher your way through more than 10 unique and stimulating chambers with more than 4 hours of gameplay. Manipulate water, iron and even time in order to progress under the supervision of your friendly host, Harold.

Now available in English, French, Dutch and Spanish! 

This puzzle is designed for three players – not one, not two, not four, but THREE players. You will need to rely on each other in order to progress through the puzzles. Some form of communication is highly recommended between the players, such as being in the same room or using Skype.

There are no mods required for this map. Also don't forget to grab the resource pack for all the sound and texture files we loving made for this map.

Map has currently received over 120,000 downloads worldwide.

Players have posted very high reviews of the map so far with several starting 10/10!

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Progress100% complete

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Surpassed 120000 downloads! : 01/16/2016 2:10:27 pmJan 16th, 2016

We are exstatic to announce that this map has passed the 120,000 download mark!

01/14/2016 11:24 am
Level 26 : Expert Blacksmith
This is a amazing map.
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