Thorne's Ark - The Last Bastion

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"No Sir Thorne, I will not assist my enemy realm. That is final."

"Perhaps your gut isn't as iron as I had thought."


"Sir Thorne! What do you think you are doing?!"

"I am going to the Nether, and I will protect the Overworld if these petty Kings won't do it themselves."


"We have fought for many years in the Outerlands, yet we cannot hold any longer... The Dark Lord has become too powerful for the Realms of Man to hold... Thorne's Ark is the last hope of Overworld Survival...."


"The Outerlands have fallen, the Final Frontier of the Nether is Thorne's Ark. A mightly fortress both in the Overworld and Nether Realm. Built by Sir Thorne many years ago, it has been a mightly bastion against the evils of the Nether Realm. The Fortress boasts an impressive defense force capable of holding for many years to come, along with an Airship, built with imported materials from the Overworld. Thorne's Ark will not fall, nor will it be swept away by the sands of time...


Thorne's Ark was created as a product of my imagination as two towers with a bridge over the gap in the Netherrack. Then it expanded into being much more than that. Thorne's Ark is something different for me, it uses a bit of multiple styles, East Asian, Medieval European and Steampunk. This is a build that I have been working on in my free time alongside my other builds. I had to do some manual terraforming to fit in some of the parts, the Airship was a in a very cramped space, and for how cramped it was I think it turned out really good. The Structures in Thorne's ark aren't that great in my opinion, as I was trying something new, but overall the build doesn't look too terrible.

Total build time: Approx 36 Hours
Progress100% complete
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