Thrawns Star Destroyer Chimera

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This is another modification of OneSidedBattles star destroyer but this time i decided to recreate the new cannon version of the flagship of my favorite star wars character Grand Admiral Thrawn, since just a plain old looking star destroyer doesn't suit a guy who very nearly reconquered the entire galaxy for the empire (in legends) with a small fleet and brilliant tactics and who put a literal art museum/collection on a warship (in my opinion) plus i just like custom star destroyer paint jobs

some abridged info

unlike in legends this specific version of the ship only served grand admiral thrawn a short time until his defeat and abduction by space whales in the battle of lorthal but in legends this imperial 1 star destroyer minus the paintjob (later upgraded to an imperial 2) served the empire for over 40 years from the battle of endor to the second galactic cival war where time and time again it would play a pivotal role in the outcome of star wars galaxy, from admiral palleon, using it to try and reform the shattered imperial command after the battle of endor, thrawns use of it in his campaign against the new republic and his assassination in its bridge that saved the new republic to its final usage under admiral natasi daala at the second battle of fondor where its dramatic appearance enabled a decisive victory against the galactic alliance that would help natasi daala later become its head of state.

please enjoy hope it inspires some more starwars builds that dont typically get made and if someone wants to make a cool space render of the map feel free because i have no idea how with typically building roman stuff.

for those not familiar with my download style i build in 12.2 and include a schematic with the world file in a zipped folder

special thanks to onesidedbattle for allowing me to monkey around with his ships and making this possible link to the original
CreditOneSidedBattle,star wars rebels,wookiepedia
Progress100% complete

11/28/2020 3:31 pm
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