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TK-20 Severstal Typhoon (Akula) Class SSBN

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    Posted 04/23/2016
    by Helix_area51
    Game Version: Minecraft 1.9.4
avatar generalfantom
Level 29 : Expert Architect
Hey everyone!
This is a 1:1 build, my second and largest submarine!
So about the build this is the TK-20 Severstal from the Typhoon Class (NATO) or Akula (his real name) SSBN. This submarine is the largest from this class and currently the last. He opperate for the russian navy and do balistic missiles test with the R-30 Boulava. This old submarine class is now slowly replaced by the new Borei Class SSBN.

The ship is armed with 6 torpedo tubes of 533mm and also 20 VLS tubes for the RSM-52 nuclear balistic missiles.

About the Typhoon class SSBN and the TK-20 Severstal(french only)!
About the Server!
About the Shaders!

Hope you will like it!

Btw you probably notified that the background has changed, I am now on the ShipSide server by Helix, I left FoxShot!
I also thanks daemonbenj that helped me with the propeller x)

Don't forget that this build is mine so if you want to build it somewhere ask me first!
If you like don't forget to comment, subscribe and leave a diamond!
Creditdaemonbenj ShipSide
Progress100% complete

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eww what is that
I wonder :)
  • Level 63
  • High Grandmaster Soldier
  • July 25, 2017, 3:28 pm
What's with the really little submarine at the end? Good work on the submarine its beautiful, ya should make a version where the silo doors are open though with a missile maybe coming out. But that's just me :)
The small submarine is a mini typhoon I did back when I was on foxshot, I saw it in my screenshots and said why not. But thanks and yes why not!

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