TNT Minecart LANDMINES & TORPEDOS Minecraft 1.16.2

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avatar Shadow Reaven
Level 22 : Expert Engineer
Prank your friends, Safeguard your territory, defeat your enemies with TNT Minecart Landmines and Torpedos!
Minecraft Trap | TNT Minecart Slime BOMB | Invisible Trap To Blow Enemies Sky High! (Minecraft Redstone)
This minecraft redstone trap is sure to catch your enemies off guard! Using TNT Minecarts, gravel/sand, and some lovely slimeblocks, I show you how to make traps in minecraft that can be used to destroy your opponents! This is a quick redstone guide for minecraft traps.

Floating Sand (Minecraft Java 1.13 - 1.16+)
Logdotzip's TNT minecart trap
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