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Level 19 : Journeyman Crafter

This is a team based PvP game.
How do you win? Easy
Destroy the other team's color core using a TNT Cannon.

How do you play?
After grabbing some friends, you pick your teams.
Next, you ride the water shoot (Stay still) down to the ground level. Once there, go to your team's side and gear up/set spawn. You and your team have 1 day, until dawn of the next day, to build up your defenses and cannons. Remember not to build beyond the obsidian line on your team's side. From this point, defend your base/assault the enemy team's base until one color core blows up.

Can I do this?
1. Run into the enemy base, place a button on the color core and blow it up
- After 1 minecraft day, if the other team hasn't taken measures to prevent this, then you can do this; we gave armor, swords and bows for a reason (to fight). However, if the other team has built something to prevent this, like a wall, you cannot break it with your hands or pick-axe; call in the TNT shot.
2. Place water over my team's wall or color core.
- NO! Not only is that cheaty, but it breaks the game completely... that's no fun
3. Destroy the bridges
- Yes, all but the middle bridge, which has obsidian under it, can be destroyed
4. Comment if I have any questions or other scenarios?
-Please do, if there is something you come across that i didn't outline, leave us a comment below.

Additional Notes

TNT WARS is a creation of WMGaming
-We hope you enjoyed this map
-If you liked this map or any of our other maps, please up vote and share with friends (The more we know our work is being enjoyed, the more motivation we will have to continue making more maps.
-We enjoy feedback (Positive and constructive criticism)
-If you want to use our map in a video, post or anything else, we just ask that you credit us, WMGaming, and point people to our page.
Progress: 100% Complete

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