To The Moon: Among The Stars

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avatar Henzoid
Level 43 : Master Miner
After many long months of work, To The Moon's sequel is finally here! So get ready to parkour across planets old and new in To The Moon: Among The Stars!

To The Moon: Among The Stars is an adventure/parkour map featuring 5 levels of medium to difficult parkour, with a twist! The levels take place across various planets and/or moons, and the gravity is not what it normally is on Earth. Using your trusty space suit, equipped with a super-jump ability to use for larger heights, you can explore what the universe has to offer.

1. The map is strictly singleplayer. Don't even try playing with multiple people, because it literally won't work.
2. You should have a computer that can handle at least 10-12 chunks, maybe more. The map is pretty big, so keep that in mind.
3. The map will only work in minecraft Java version 1.12.2

-Environments and Builds: Henzoid
-Parkour and Gameplay Design: Henzoid
-Resourcepack and Modelling: Henzoid
-Beta Testers: Sparkour, TellTaleMelon, Ribert472, LegoBro, Agoodoldchap
-Credits: Henzoid
Progress100% complete
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