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Tonantis-class Fast Battleship - Silver Empire Battleship (movecraft)

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Author's note

This ship is an original Silver Empire battlecruiser for the movecraft plugin. It was built in the context of an AU to the Airship Pirates world me and a few people were working on for a while, in which the War of Aquisition lasted for longer than anticipated after the Silver Empire successfully scuttled South Haven to prevent its capture. The ship is the finished version of a hull by MystSpaTimeTrav, the Dominus-class Battlecruiser. This project by Time inspired my Assertor-class Battleship and the other two capital ships in the fleet. However, unsatisfied with the fact that Time had seemingly abandonned the project (Only finished after seven months), I decided to finish the ship myself. This version is, therefore, quite a different ship to Time's Dominus, both as a build and in terms of its history. Credit for the guns and the original hull goes to him, though I modified the latter. The ship's guns also uses recycler technology from Spandrel.

You may use or modify this vessel on your server, builds, and others but be sure to credit me and link the ship if possible. Thank you!

History [​Winds of War AU]:

In 757 AED, With the costly but rapid-paced reconstruction of the three Imperious-class Fleet Carriers as Battleships and their great success against Royal Navy units, the Silver Empire's admiralty, under the initiative of Capal Jack Crow, launched an ambitious naval modernization program dubbed the "Imperium Belli" which, amongst other things, called for the construction of the "Nines" - a fleet of capital ships strong of nine fast battleships and nine battlecruisers, to serve both within the War of Aquisition and to ensure imperial naval dominance for years to come. The first ships of this design were the three Assertor-class ships, followed later by the first three Praetor-class Battlecruisers.

The Silver Empire encountered a problem, however; despite the gigantic industrial output of the Silver Empire, with the mass production and modernization of new ships such as Light and Heavy cruisers, Carriers and artillery vessels meant that a limited number of large capital ships could be built simultaneously. To counter this issue, the Empire had first settled on having some of their capital ships built in foreign shipyards on allied or colonized soil; a good example of this was the Tackt State, which amongst other things provided the Empire with the Praetor-class Battlecruiser Redoubtable. However, the sheer size of the new designs meant that only a very limited amount of foreign yards had the adequate size and equipment to assemble a capital ship, let alone in a reasonnable amount of time. The other problem was that the Assertor-class vessels had not been built from the ground up as Battleships, but were the converted hulls of older Imperious-class Fleet Carriers. Already, shortcomings in their designs became apparent, notably in their armor scheme. While it was proposed to simply modify the armor scheme of the next batch of ships, the Assertor-class ships, by virtue of being conversions, did not have the greatest stability and would be highly difficult to build from the ground up. For that reason, the construction of the nine battlecruisers was prioritized, while a design was prepared for the six new battleships.

In order to push the ships into construction soon enough to have them serve in the war, where the urgent need of capital ships became apparent, the Silver Empire still based the design heavily on former ships. The ship was required to have an armament similar to that of the Assertor-class, but with superior armor and engines ass well as a more conventional main gun layout. For this purpose, the time-proven Praetor-class hull was simply remodelled and lengthened to add a third main battery turret whilst conserving enough space for large engines which would maintain a high top speed for the new battleship. the superstructure was mostly similar in design to that used on the preceeding Assertor-class, albeit placed on the centerline and with a more advanced radar array. The space gained by lengthening the ship was added to mount two secondary guns; initially, the ship was to fit the same guns as those fitted on the Gladiator-class heavy Cruisers; however, their heavy weight and complex fire control systems meant that this proposal was rejected. Instead, a lighter triple turret was devised specifically for the new Battleship. One was to be mounted forward of the superstructure, and another just behind it. The anti-aircraft battery utilized the same twin machine-gun emplacements as the preceeding Praetor and Judicator-class, albeit in greater quantity. Four quad deck-mounted anti-aircraft turrets completed this defensive armament.

The ship's greatest advancements was in its fire control systems; in order to match the three heavy Goliath-class Battleships of the royal navy, whose main battery firepower eclipsed even that of the mighty triple turrets used on the Empire's battleships, the Silver Empire replicated the advanced fire control systems of the Gladiator-class, which enabled the ship's main and secondary guns to have a far greater rate of fire than any gun mounted on board any capital ship up until this point; so fast was the firing provided by these advanced systems that the ship's super heavy main guns had a higher rate of fire than that of a Royal Navy Gallant-class Mk4 Destroyer. This system was likewise implemented on the secondary battery.
Such a complex and advanced system proved to be both the ship's greatest strength and a considerable weakness; while the firepower sent down range would be greater than anything seen up until that point, the fire control systems were too large to be implemented on the main topside tower. Instead, they were fitted in a fire control room bellow the main bridge; however, due to the size of the fire control systems and the ship's own internal compartments, it was impossible to fit the fire control room bellow the deck armor, making it very vulnerable to plunging fire and leaving the ship with a weakness in its armor scheme. Additionally, despite the surprisingly extremely low malfunctions rate, the guns consumed such enormous amount of ressources when unleashing a "maximum speed" barrage that this system was only ever used in situations where they would be absolutely necessary, or guaranteed to secure a kill on a large enemy target such as a capital ship.

Advanced engines based on new designs created for the Virtus-class Fleet Carriers propelled the new heavy vessel at high speeds, exceeding the previous Assertor-class and nearly reaching the fast Praetor-class Battlecruisers. Armor was also quite advanced, with three layers of iron providing a heavy amount of protection against incoming fire. However, with the weakness of the deck plating and the overall shape of the ship's hull, this armor scheme proved to not be as effective as those found on modern Royal Navy capital ships, though it was still quite potent.

The first ship, Tonantis (in english; Thunderer) , was built at Sunkschiff, followed by the Arescet (english: Witherer) and Domitrian at Verace and in the Kingdom of Iridium respectively. Tonantis and Arescet were completed as the Stovak Campaign was nearing its conclusion: While Arescet was in training, Tonantis was immediately called into action to participate in the bombardment mission against the main fleet anchorage at Stovak on the night of the 26th of Septemon, 758 AED. The crews of the other ships in the fleet were so stunned by the speed of her firing and the blinding lights and loud sounds created by her guns that some thought that the ship was exploding or taking fire during the bombardment. In reality, the operation went pretty much without issue. The two ships participated as heavy escorts and bombardment units against royal navy bases during the follow-on offensive of the Silver Empire into lanierian territory. in that time, the third ship, Domitrian, was completed.

Tonantis later relieved Assertor as the flagship of Capal Claudius' 3rd Fleet, which was soon called into action for the Battle of the Ventis Gulf, as the Royal Navy had assembled its forces for a massive, desperate push to the imperial mainland through Ventis. All three ships were present in Capal Claudius' Central Force, which, thanks to the high speed of all ships present, successfully crossed the T of Admiral Evans' battle line. The largest naval battle in history took its toll on the three vessels; Tonantis and Arescet, at the center of the formation, attacked the Goliath-class Battleships Queen Lanner I and Goliath in a ferocious gunfight, sinking multiple lighter royal navy ships along the way. Their combined fire would successfully bring the already damaged Queen Lanner I to its definitive demise, as their heavy close range fire defeated the massive battleship's defenses and sent it sinking to the bottom. Arescet narrowly escaped a magazine detonation after a heavy hit from Goliath, courtesy of the efforts of her gunnery crews. Domitrian attacked Battleship Orion, their gunfight ending in the imperial ship's victory after the confusion in the lanierian battle line caused Orion to be rammed by the out of control destroyer HMA Ambitious. A squadron of seven destroyers and two heavy cruisers attacked the Domitrian and its surrounding ships, launching a torpedo attack at very close range while being pounded by the battleship's guns. Heavy Cruiser Gladius purposely placed herself in front of four torpedoes, going down with all hands after a violent explosion. Battlecruiser Castigator inadvertently caught two more, which damaged her engines and would lead to her eventual sinking later in the battle. Despite this carnage, Domitrian's green crew was not able to get the ship to avoid the remaining torpedoes, which detonated Turret No.2's magazine as the ship was in rapid-fire mode, leading to such catastrophic continuous destruction that the shrapnel hit and damaged multiple ships in the area. Domitrian went down soon after, taking all but three of her young crew with her. Her wreck, like others in the Ventis area, remains a war grave.

Tonantis and Arescet later participated in the assault on Fillanel, and were present at the Battle off Fillanel when battleship Queen Katerina attempted a suicidal attack to slow down or destroy the imperial invasion force. Despite once again sustaining heavy damage, The two ships helped sink the Queen Katerina. After the war, they were joined by their three last sisterships - Dominus, Tector and Mandator. All four were major elements of the Empire's post-war fleet, and two would be retained as museum ships after the war.
CreditMystSpaTimeTrav (guns and original hull) Spandrel (recycler tech)
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09/22/2022 7:09 am
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Damn Admiralty, they wasted QK!
09/22/2022 10:21 am
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To be fair to them, what else were they going to do? Let the Silver Empire take their territory unimpeded? No, they'd have to send in a task force. With plenty of cruisers, destroyers, a carrier as support and their mightiest battleship at the time, they had every right to be confident there was SOME chance of victory. Oh how wrong they were.
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