Torzyn Palace [Re-imagined] [WIP]

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Hey friends,

unfortunately I will not be able to continue this or any other build featured on my page. The hard drive containing all of the save data (just so happens to be my C-drive) failed the other day. I had to do a full reinstall of windows, update all drivers and software, etc. This resulted in the loss of upwards of 800GB of personal data including all of my works I've shared here. I plan on continuing to post builds and creations, however this one in particular will go down as one of my most ambitious solo projects ever. In fact, I was preparing to release another update as I had done a substantial amount of work on this build in my absence here. Unfortunately, this project will never be completed-and about 200-400 hours of personal time has been lost.
If there was a way I could save it I would; I really liked this build and it's a shame its never going to see it's full potential.

~ Karunavi

Hey there!

It's been a while for me.
Torzyn has been on the back burner for so long now and when I was doing the original build something felt a bit off.
Like there was so much more potential for this build than what I had envisioned.
SO, I decided to nearly double the size, chop the build up into small pieces, reuse and reimagine the entire palace.
I personally am glad I did, I've been working on the new version for a while now, and have a ton left to do.

I loved making that little cinematic video for it, even though it's a bit choppy in some places and clearly undone. Don't worry though,
when I finish this I'll make a new, longer, and better cinematic!

Anyways, so sorry I havent posted in a long long time, work / classes got in the way. I will try and update as often as I can; thank you guys so much!! Any and all feedback is noted / appreciated!!
Thank you so much!

~ Karunavi
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