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Totally Not The Backrooms

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Bedrock Edition
Plhf avatar Plhf
Level 9 : Apprentice Architect
Welcome to "Totally Not The Backrooms"! A Minecraft horror game which takes place in a large map themed around a liminal space lined with yellow wallpaper. Again, NOT the backrooms.

The objective of this game is to earn points by completing tasks. Once you reach a certain number of points without dying, you win! The tasks are chosen randomly from a selection of simple challenges that usually require searching around the map looking for specific structures. More information about these tasks can be found in the tutorial section in the map.

Each task also comes with its own written backstory, so have fun reading those!

Enemies will spawn as the game goes on, making it much more dangerous to complete your tasks later into the game. Health is not naturally replenished, however if you can find a spawn point (marked by a bed) you can regenerate your health by standing on it.

Game Modes
This game is playable in Versus and Co-Op modes.
In singleplayer, these modes determine how many points are required to win.

In co-op, points are shared between players and you must reach 20 points to win. Each player gets their own unique task that is not shared by anyone else.

In versus, the players must race to see who can collect 5 points first, with whoever succeeds becoming the winner. This mode also enables PvP, so be careful around others!

If a player dies in a multiplayer game while others are still alive, they have two options of either spectating other players or attempting to complete a parkour course. The player can cancel spectating by flying into the ceiling. Once the game is over, all players will be teleported back to the main hub.

This game also comes with a variety of accessibility and user experience settings, such as game brightness and mob spawn rates. These can be controlled in the main hub, with most settings having 3 options of Low, Medium and High.

This game works on all devices that support Minecraft Bedrock.
To enjoy the game experience properly, there is a texture pack that must be downloaded. (As seen below)
LINK: Texture Pack

Wanna know more go to YouTube Totally Not The Backrooms Trailer - YouTube

Feel free to let us know how great we did in these comments or on the YT videos comments!

This map was made on an older version but it still works at the moment, so may stop working in the future.
Creditdragweirdo7, drumstickpig, MrCatMcFly, P1HF, Pongu, SPLOTH
Progress100% complete

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