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Tower of Loch Treppenwitz

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TfStef avatar TfStef
Level 41 : Master Architect
A gutentag! Hello! Hertzlich wilkommen to ze Tower of Loch Treppenwitz!

This is ze little holiday home for ze familie Trippenwitz, ze most respected Kapitalist familie von Germany. In ze little Zuhause you ze good citizen can find a plethora of rooms all to ze Komfort of you. Enter ze Haustür to first find ze meeting hall. A most großartig hall where one can be impressed with Wünder! Climb ze steile stairs and find ze Handwerkshalle, where one can craft all to ze hearts content! Climb up ze steps to find ze Schlafszimmer, a place for ausruhen and sleep. Climb further on ze stairs to find ze Bibliothekssaal, where one can read all till ze falls asleep and dreams of ze Bradwürst! Letztendlich, at long last, climb up ze leiter to find ze observation platform where one can enjoy ze view. Ze can genießen von der fantastic view of the glorious lake Treppenwitz!

Amüsier sich!
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