Tower of Time

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avatar MythicalJay_24
Level 39 : Artisan Dragonborn
The Tower of Time

  Tower of Time stands as a reminder of what time does. Time moves on, never stopping into the unknowns of the future. Built in the beginning and ever growing. The more time that passes, the taller it becomes. The tower is much sought over, due to it's great fortifications and strength, but time goes on and people die. The tower never dies. And as time races on, many more will claim it as their own and try to control it, but time is not for people to control. It controls them.

  Idea: the idea came from my love of medieval so I thought of doing a keep, and thought time could be incorporated in. So I made the base partially out of cracked black stone to point to the past and things fading. The middle is in good condition, to represent the present and the spiral on top represents the tower ever growing and the future. The clock designs on the tower also point to the theme of time. Also, I've been waiting for another chuck challenge contest!

Progress100% complete

10/23/2020 9:34 am
Level 52 : Grandmaster Lava Rider
Quite nice short lore.
Considering the medieval choice of doing, the design isn't screaming to me "medieval".
As for the design and choice, personally I would expand the block palette. It is a bit to much the same for me. For example let the cracked blackstone subtle change into non-broken blackstone as a sign that time slowly moves rather than some hard line.
10/23/2020 8:49 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Dragonborn
Thanks for ideas, but I for one didn’t make this strictly medieval. It is slightly medieval inspired. And two, I prefer not larger pallets, I prefer unity in my builds and have limited time. Thanks though!
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