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Town of Riverside

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It's a town. By a river. So of course I call it Riverside. When it comes to names, I am not the greatest.

That said, I think the place looks rather nice. Well, in screenshots anyway. This is one of my earlier projects and was a test-bed for many of the practices I would later use in places like my Medieval Port City. In fact, you will see a number of identical structures, which I cut-n-pasted from this project to fill out the streets of the latter.

Up close and walking around, it is much less impressive; for one thing, it is pretty small. It doesn't really have any logical layout; I was just putting up interesting buildings for the sake of construction. So - in my shame - I am not uploading any schematic for this one.

But enjoy the pictures anyway.

As with all my designs, best used with the JohnSmithLegacy texture pack.

Many of the structures in this project - the large tower, many of the homes, that church in the background - were based on designs shown in MrArcherMC's excellent tutorials. While I placed the darn blocks, he deserves all the credit for how cool it looks. If you like my maps, you owe it to yourself to watch his videos; they are excellent, both entertaining and edifying and I owe a lot of my style to his teachings.

Complete aside: The first image is a screenshot from the game, using Optifine. The other four were rendered using Chunky. I think it is absolutely amazing that the former can render in real-time graphics that look as good (if not better) than what needed hours of rendering with Chunky. Modern computers are great!
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06/07/2018 6:31 am
Level 76 : Legendary Sweetheart
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Nice work!
Hello, I skimmed through "About" section and I was wondering if you are interested to spend time with building together for a Minecraft server. Most of us are definitely a lot younger for sure! And I really believe having someone like you in team may make our home be more warmer.

05/24/2018 8:03 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
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Cool :)
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