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Town of Salem Game

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*Note - This project page is still a work in progress: More information for it will be added in the future.
Introducing: Town of Salem in Minecraft!
Love Town of Salem? Love Minecraft? Well be prepared to bring them together with this Town of Salem Game, in Minecraft!
Important Game Info
-8 players needed
in order to play
-Played on a (specific) server due to the fact that I needed a few plugins to allow it to run properly
-It is not ready to be played just yet, I just need to finish working out the kinks (There's a few bugs)

-Custom resource pack with Town of Salem Music
-Two teams, three roles
-Clickable icons in hotbar for abilities

The Roles


-Try to figure out who's in the Mafia before everyone dies!

-Town member with the ability at night to find out if someone is Mafia!
-Only one sheriff per round

-Kill all of the Town at night so the Mafia is in control!
-Two Mafia per round
-The night killing ability is randomly chosen every night

Where can I find this?
As of right now, I cannot give the IP to the server its hosted on and the directions on how to play. Once I have finished testing I will add it. :3 (Hopefully soon)
Possible Upcoming Features
Possible Upcoming Features:
-Lobby Music
-More Roles
-Mafia communication at night

Have a suggestion? Tell me!
Progress70% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 - Creation : by New the Elf 04/10/2017 3:53:33 pmApr 10th, 2017

-Created submission, added info, current features, roles, where to find it (currently unavailable), and possible upcoming features.

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04/03/2018 3:50 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Miner
ofirr10 avatar
Sound amazing!
well here are some roles that you should make next: doctor, serial killer, jester, godfather.
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