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trade federation MTT

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here is a model i have made based on the trade federation multi-troop transport.load it with whichever mobegg you waent (i forgot to add skeleton eggs)

"The MTT is tough and armored like a tank!" o Commander Cody, encountering MTTs on Felucia[src]

The Multi-Troop Transport (MTT) was a heavy repulsorlift vehicle used by both the Trade Federation and the Confederacy of Independent Systems to transport B1 battle droids and Droidekas prior to and during the Clone Wars. The upgraded version was known as the Heavy Multi-Troop Transport.




trade federation MTT Minecraft MapMTT schematics

The Multi-Troop Transport was manufactured and designed by Baktoid Armor Workshop, as a modified cargo pod. Reminiscent of a jungle animal, its reactor and main engines were in the rear, in classic Baktoid style. The MTT could carry 112 battle droids with their standard blaster rifles in a hydraulically powered deployment rack. This rack extended out from the face of the MTT, allowing the droids to be deployed directly into combat if needed. The rack was also detachable.[1]

The MTT's face was reinforced and studded with case-hardened metal alloy studs and was designed to smash through enemy walls to reach its destination. With heavy armor and weaponry, the strongest Baktoid had ever made, the MTT was almost unstoppable.[1]

The MTT's control room was staffed by an OOM pilot battle droid and a droid gunner/engineer. It was armed with only a quartet of 17kv anti-personnel blaster cannons mounted in two ball turrets.[1] A single turret was accurate and powerful enough to target and destroy a starfighter in atmospheric combat.[source?]

After the Battle of Naboo, it became clear that the MTT's deployed too slowly. Further models employed during the Clone Wars, including the ones used during the Battle of Muunilinst, deployed soldiers in standing and battle-ready position, four units at a time, allowing for immediate deployment of droids efficiently and reducing vulnerability.[source?]

The MTT was capable of being upgraded to a more powerful version, the Heavy Multi-Troop Transport.[7]

Since the MTT was armed with twin blaster cannons, it was an obvious counterpart of the unarmed Platoon Attack Craft, which served a similar function. The MTT's weapons allowed it to deploy its B1 battle droids on the front line, whereas the PAC was used to drop off troops and leave the battle.


The MTT's first deployment was during the Invasion of Naboo in the year 32 BBY.[1] They were landed on the far side of the planet and attacked the capital city, Theed in the early morning.[8] Two MTTs transported Trade Federation troops to the occupation of Spinnaker.[7]
trade federation MTT Minecraft MapUpdated model of the MTT, which deployed droids four units at a time in battle-ready position

MTTS also deployed legions of battle droids during the Battle of Grassy Plains. Following the destruction of the Droid Control Ship, all elements of the Trade Federation Droid Army on Naboo shut down.[5]

The original Baktoid design for the MTT called for an open staging chamber, but Baktoid's eccentric designers had the unusual job of making a transport that had to convey droids, not living beings. They thus devised a system that could load folded battle droids onto a giant deployment rack. This more than doubled the troop capacity of the MTT, which extended the droid rack to deploy the compressed troops, which would then unfold into fighting position. At the end of the battle, they'd be refolded and loaded back onto the rack to be transported back to the base. However, the open chamber was retained for storing droidekas.[1]
trade federation MTT Minecraft MapA MTT painted with the colors of the CISDuring the early Clone Wars, Baktoid developed a newer vehicle to serve the MTT's role. Known as the MUT (Multi-Utility Transport), this vehicle lacked weaponry, but also carried battle droids. It was used mainly in the Dark Reaper Crisis. A space-bound variant, the Trade Federation Troop Transport, was also employed during this era. However, the MTT saw extensive use during the Clone Wars, seeing more action than its successors. The MTT employed by the CIS were painted gray and blue in the Separatist color scheme, much like how the AAT was re-colored, blue.

During the Battle of Ryloth, Wat Tambor used many of these units to ship treasure from across the planet to the capital where the main base was, although most units were destroyed by Mace Windu.[9]

They were also utilized during the Battle of Dathomir (Clone Wars), where they deployed Super battle droids.

The MTT was seen in combat on Coruscant and many other battlefronts (including the Battle of Kashyyyk), MTTs were still in use as of the Battle of Coruscant.[6]
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I like the facts you put in there, but you should have made them more original.
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yeh maybe, but i don't know too much about it.
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