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The F59PH was the first in the "F59" series of locomotives. Between May 1988 and May 1994, 73 locomotives were built for two commuter transit railroads: GO Transit of Toronto and Metrolink of Los Angeles.[​1]

The locomotives were equipped with a turbocharged EMD 12-710G3A, a 12-cylinder, two-stroke Diesel engine (prime mover), front and rear platforms, a full-width cab with a three-piece windshield. Earlier EMD cowl-type locomotives had used a two-piece windshield, while the Canadian comfort cab used a four-piece design.[​2]

Many F59PH locomotives are still in use today, mainly on commuter railroads. GO Transit began retiring its F59PH locomotives in 2008 in favor of newer MPI MPXpress locomotives.[​2] Only eight units have been rebuilt and remain in service.

Metrolink has rebuilt seven locomotives with an upgraded cooling system, an upgraded 12-710G3Eco Tier 2 engine, and an E-bell, and renaming them F59PHR. Even as Metrolink purchases new locomotives, it intends to keep its upgraded F59PHR units as yard switchers in maintenance facilities. NCDOT 1859 was also rebuilt to the same F59PHR standard in 2018.
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