Treasure Hunter Series:Dimensions Adventure/Puzzle Map (Download link was the wrong puzzle map, fixed)

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Embark on a journey through the dimensions in this adventure puzzle map! Challenge yourself with puzzles of all skill levels, and choose the order you do them in. Work with your friends to traverse the dimension in search of the treasure, find it, and escape!

Hello and welcome! This is the next map in my Treasure Hunter Series, where I build puzzle maps in an adventure like setting! First and foremost I want to thank everybody who plays my maps and enjoys them, and would like to ask you all to please subscribe to my youtube channel as that is where I post all my latest gameplay and updates for my maps. I've also now created a discord server (but it's a WIP) and you can join it to get the not only the latest updates for my maps, but teasers to new maps as well as the ability to participate and enter into my contests for cash prizes!

Discord Server:
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Now about the map. THS:Dimensions is meant to be a larger map and take some time to complete, I recommend setting aside an about 2 hours to complete this map without stops. I've also designed this map with the ability to choose the order you do the puzzles in, and I also create guides for all my puzzle maps in case you get stuck!


If you are watching the guide, please make sure to use the timestamps down in the comments to get puzzle help. This is important since you can choose the order you do the puzzles, I may have done a different order and you don't want to get spoilers.

As always I make my maps compatible for both Java and Win10/Bedrock edition for the Java edition download click the download file attached to this post, and for the Win10/Bedrock edition, click the download link below to get sent to a mediafire page



[/url]I also include strawpolls for my maps to allow all of you to vote on the difficulty of the map, and how long it took you to complete it to help other people figure out if it will be a good map for their skill level:
Time to Complete:

If you enjoyed the map, please consider subscribing to my youtube channel and joining my discord server as it means a lot to me and helps me to continue my work. Thank you :)

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