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TST - Adjustable Trajectory TNT Cannon ( Triple Cannon | Scattershot | Movecraft Compatible )

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Basic Info
The TST (Triple Scattershot-Cannon Turret) is a TNT Cannon with adjustable arc functional in Vanilla Minecraft. The turret has three adjustable trajectory scattershot TNT cannons in each turret placed side by side. The shell of the turret and gun barrels are for both aesthetic purposes in order to cover up unsightly exposed Redstone and for protection if the turret is shot at by another TNT cannon. This gun is supposed to be similar in appearance to BaccaYarro's CST but with twice the punch with four pulsing projectile dispensers and three propellant chambers. This larger wall of projectiles being delivered towards a target allows for a much higher punch than other scattershot designs.

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Nerd Stuff
The central timing mechanism for the gun is a pulse extender. How it works is that when the turret is powered by the redstone torch tower underneath it, the propellant is dispensed. When the power turns off, a fading edge detector sends a signal to the projectile circuit to dispense the TNT projectiles. A separate repeater train is sent to the pistons which control the arc of the gun. The pulse extender acts to determine when the piston will extend and when it will drop. The projectiles when dispensed will sit on top of the extended piston and drop when the piston retracts.

The point at which the projectiles are at while they fall as the piston retracts when the propellant explodes is what determines the arc/trajectory of the gun. The longer the pulse given to the gun, the later the piston will drop and thus the higher the trajectory. The shorter the pulse given to the gun, the lower the trajectory. Because the projectiles are in mid air when the propellant explodes, the blast force from the propellant TNT is unhindered by anything and allows the gun to reach much longer ranges with less propellant than most guns that use slabs or other mounting blocks for their projectiles.

The central timing mechanism/pulse extender is outside of the gun and can be wired to multiple turrets in order to adjust the trajectory and fire multiple turrets at the same time with the same trajectory.

Movecraft Compatibility
The turret is compatible with the Movecraft plugin and can be mounted on airships or as a stand alone rotating turret if you wish to use it for base defense. Primarily designed for heavier vessels like large heavy cruisers, battlecruisers, and battleships. The subcraft rotate sign on top allows you to rotate the turret when right clicking it or left clicking it if Movecraft is installed.

The overall look of the design was based off of BaccaYarro's CST. Both of which will be linked here:
CST - Adjustable Trajectory Scattershot TNT Turret for Movecraft Warships Minecraft Map (

    • Max Range: 260-280m (260-280 Blocks)
    • Projectile: 20x TNT per turret
    • Propellant: 12x TNT per cannon (three cannons in each turret)
Plugin Requirements

No plugins are required for the cannon to function as it is a purely redstone device. However the cannon can be used on Movecraft warships with their turret feature to allow it to face in different directions. Some servers that run Movecraft are ToTheEnd, Airship Pirates, and Strangelands.

Terms of Use

You may use or modify this gun on your server, builds, and/or ships but be sure to credit me and link the gun if possible. Thank you!

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