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Two small buildings

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avatar manazaka
Level 34 : Artisan Miner
Welcome to my 3D Art.

These buildings were created using manazaka`s city resource pack.
I hope this helps those who use my resource pack.

The schem file is included in the compressed file.

※ Some changes may be made by updating the resource pack.


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Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 01/29/2020 11:12:15 pmJan 29th

Fixed to match the latest version of the resource pack.
The schem file is included in the compressed file.

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01/30/2020 12:58 am
Level 1 : New Network
It's been too long since the truth about this has been hidden. KrEsHDiE's project, started in 2017, has since gained a lot of support from both members of the community and the staff. But originally it was far from what it became today. A member offered to help and has changed the project in many ways since them, all for the better, yet was only pushed away from the project. In the words of ATOMAN, that very member who is the reason the project is what it is right now:

"It all started in the summer of 2017. I found the very first trailer for the City-17 Grand Project (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hOes2ekIRk).
Then he scored on YouTube 30 views and 10 positive ratings (at that time the map was full bottom). I can't say that I liked it, but I saw the potential of this project. Its Creator was _KrEsHDiE_. I contacted him, and we began to cooperate. But even then we started having problems.
As I said, the map needed improvement, which is what I wanted. But _KrEsHDiE_ did not give me freedom of action, referring to the fact that he manages this project, and he did not intend to improve anything. Then I could not argue with him, because only came to the project, and has not made anything in it. But eventually I came to terms with the conservatism _KrEsHDiE_, and we began to work. From time to time we had conflicts, but I had to agree with this freak, otherwise he could exclude me from the project.
Despite the limitations, I was still able to change the project, and to convince _KrEsHDiE_ about the detail. He began to listen to me a little. Over time, our investments in the project became almost equal, and we both recognized that from now on we should have equal rights. And at this moment there was a turning point. Kreshdie posted the project on this site, and it began to gain views. Naturally he laid out the draft from his account, and didn't even mention me in the description. But then I was neutral about it, because for me it was not important.
We continued to build, but became more serious about the map. And at this point, we again had conflicts over the rights on the map. The feeling of self-importance rose above the ceiling. Over time, he still added me to the description of the project, but as soon as we started to conflict, he threatened to remove me from the description, if I do not agree with him.

It was the beginning of 2018. I could have just split up with him, but this map was important to me as I contributed a lot to it and it gained a lot of views. I decided to create my project (Half-Life 2 old story) and started to develop it. However, for reasons unknown to me, we still reconciled. _KrEsHDiE_ promised me that there will be no more scum. I had no choice, because I had almost no friends then. We agreed that we will help each other, and everyone will have equal rights.
What do you think happened?
I honestly worked on his map, fulfilling his part of the contract, and he worked hard on my map and hardly helped. We had a few more fights, and then Kreshdie finally realized that I was not going to help him with the project for "thank you", and decided to get rid of me, erasing all my merits from the description of the project, and appropriating my work.

It was the end of 2018. _KrEsHDiE_ thought won. But then I made the first step of my revenge plan. I uploaded to this site a copy of our project, and on the upload day it scored 2 thousand views and 150 downloads (_KrEsHDiE_ did not want to spread the map ahead of time, the more that I would have done it). It would seem, what's here illegal? After all, we both have the right to this project, and both can upload it, right? But then came the administration of the site. They listened to The kreshdie story about how I "stole" his map, and deleted my project page. And when I tried to explain something, they didn't try to understand me.

In general, this was the first part of the history of our cooperation with Kreshdie. But this is not the end of the story. After I laid out the map, he realized that I could do it again, or upload the map to other sites. He decided to appease me by making a bunch of promises he never fullfilled. At first he promised that he would help me with my project, and then he offered to pay me for my contribution to the City-17 Grand Project (he never did any of this). As it turned out later, he just took the time to finish the map as quickly as possible and put it on the site. After that he would be able to get rid of me again, and I would not be able to oppose him.
At that moment I had a new project - Half Life 2 Open World, which included: City-17 (which I built myself, from scratch), Aperture laboratories and city-18 (city-17 from half life 2 beta). This project was an improved and extended version of the City-17 Grand Project.
Kreshdie was very afraid that I would finish this project before him, but nevertheless he was forced to help me with the construction, as he promised. So, I already guessed that he was not going to help me or pay. Then I planned the second step of my revenge plan. I suggested to him to combine our two projects, and to level our rights (to combine our maps, taking as a basis City-17 grand project, but adding City-18 and aperture).
Of course he agreed to this as he was hoping just to steal my buildings, and remain in control of the project. But as you know, I would never give him my work. We agreed that I will give him the buildings only after he gives me the password to the account to which the City-17 Grand Project was uploaded.
The account itself was renamed the name of the team of builders: CSCC (Combined Social Constructing Corporation). He agreed to this, hoping that as soon as I give him the buildings he will be able to remove me from this account, and get rid of me. But then came the watershed event. As soon as I got access to his account, I deleted the city-17 grand project page, which had 17 thousand views. It would seem that the perfect plan of revenge.
Finally, I had nothing more to do with this freak. But no. Admins restored the project page in an hour, and now they were finally set against me. Something like this all over."

As you can see, neither the staff nor KrEsHDiE were fair in all this and justice was never served. I do hope that this gave you a picture as to what City-17 [​Grand Project] came from, and at the very least made you aware that ATOMAN also had a very big part in the project.
11/14/2019 5:20 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Pixel Puncher
I absolutely feel that asian vibes coming across ! I love this build <3 so awesome!
11/14/2019 8:37 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Miner
Thank you for a good look╰(*°▽°*)╯
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