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Type-52 'Phantom' Troop Carrier

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avatar Underlord1271
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"The Type-52 Troop Carrier, more commonly known as the Phantom by UNSC forces, is a troop carrier and gunship in service with the Covenant. They are used primarily as troop transports, flying into combat zones and deploying infantry while providing suppressing fire. The Type-52 Phantom is one of the primary dropships in service with the Covenant."

The Covenant call it a carrier. Marines call it a brain. ODSTs call it a pain to deal with. But everyone calls them Phantoms. The silent, powerful dropship can hold up to 30 personnel in it's internal trooper bay, which are either deployed through one of many Gravity Lifts located on the ship, or through one of the six openable side-doors. The ship is a more heavily armored dropship, designed as a replacement for the older Type-44 Phantom and the older Spirit dropships. It has a chin-mounted heavy plasma cannon, and two plasma turrets on it's side.

This is my minecraft take on the ship. THIS Phantom is the design seen in Halo 1, 2, and 3, as well as Reach; it is NOT the 'Gunboat' model that is also seen in Reach. It is NOT the Type 44, which is in Halo 4, or the Type 57 from Halo 5. It also isn't the 4452 Phantom from Halo Wars 2. Again, I'm sorry, but I can't control the bats.
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