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This is the U.S.S. Starpoint, a ship tasked with exploring the great unknown of the Praetori Galaxy.

- I'm utilising the shell developed by Momentaneously & images found from Star Trek Online & the Memory Beta fandom to re-create the external design of the ship, while taking inspiration from the bridges of the U.S.S. Stargazer, U.S.S. Zodiac & U.S.S. Thunder for the interior design of this ship.

- The ship in question was developed at the Utopia Planeta Shipyards on Mars, a modified Cheyenne Class equipped with an experimental transwarp drive that can interact with wormhole matter to engage in safe wormhole travel.
- Many of its military stations have been refitted for long-term journeys as it will have to travel to the edge of the Gamma Quadrant & out into a new Galaxy, unknown of what could be there.
CreditMomentaneously - Shell of the Cheyenne Class
Progress15% complete
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