Uaxactun "Group A acropolis"

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avatar Shalis Morthanien
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The main architectural complex of Group A in Uaxactun is an amalgamation of several individual structures. As was customary among Maya polities (and other Mesoamerican polities as well), structures were either buried beneath a newer building project, or extendend with new additions. The Group A Acropolis, as I will refer to this complex for the moment, was
elaborated upon for centuries, undergoing eight transformations, as is depicted in the reconstruction drawing in the gallery. The first stage likely dates to the first centuries of the Early Classic, around 300 AD. The platform held three individual "shrines" in a triadic pattern, an architectural style dating to the Late Preclassic - from at least 300 BC - and thought to represent the triangle of stars in the constellation of Orion. The function of this early complex must surely have been
ceremonial. Over time, as more additions were made, especially with the two-storeyed and long-range buildings, the complex likely turned from strictly ceremonial to a combination of ceremonial and palacial, the inner shrines now functioning as private temples for the elite inhabitants.
The architectural style of this whole complex is Central Petén.

Because little information regarding this complex can be found, I had to satisfy my goal with a simple map and reconstruction drawings made by Tatiana Proskouriakoff (note that the latter are hypothetical reconstructions themselves). Also, with the 1:1 scale I used for this project, I had to play around with the dimensions of certain structures and platforms. Although I tried to stay as true to the map as possible, some structures may be longer/higher/wider etc. than what they in reality are. As with most of my reconstructions, the decorative features that crowned many buildings are hard to reproduce in minecraft, and so I
filled this is in with my own creativity. This also counts for the colour scheme I used for these same features.

Texture Pack: Soartex Fanver
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01/05/2018 5:38 am
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Your maps are incredible !! can you upload them ?
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