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UCS "Paris" Class Battleairship - Version 2

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avatar Youtubeboy139
Level 16 : Journeyman Architect
This is the UCS "Paris" Class Battleairship designed and built by France before the second Mob War, a time where the most advanced technology was the Emerald Turbine, which is the ship's main propulsion. It was built by France who was considered and is still considered to be the best ship builders in Minecraftia. Its main armaments include a total of five tri-barrel 16in cannons imported from the United States and is the first airship to have been built with such large armaments. Dozens of ships like this one were built during the second Mob War, also known as the Great War, many of which were downed during the conflict. The greatest loss was when the ships approached the Nether portal where the beasts were originating from, an area above the South Atlantic close to what locals called the White Beach. A total of thirty-one ships crashed into the sea, parts of which washed ashore. Due to the massive amount of wreckage, nobody was able to fully clear it up and now White Beach serves as a memorial site to those who lost their lives during the battle. Three ships still remain, two of which were converted to tourist craft while the last sits in a dry dock. These ships include the maiden ship Paris and her sister ship Nantes as well as the Orleans which resides in dry dock. They are considered the most advanced warships of their time and some methods in creating them are still used in today's space worthy vessels.

The Paris Class airship. Two years ago I created this ship in a different Minecraft, a simpler Minecraft, and now I've updated it to better fit the current Minecraft edition by redoing certain block types around the ship and making it look smoother in the process. originally I got inspired to do this masterpiece while looking at Battleships and Airships on this site, two of which I used as idea templates throughout the initial build. Giving credit while credit is due I added both their vessels below. It features ideas and inspiration from works done by 'daemonbenj' (https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/daemonbenj/) who created the Battleship I got inspiration from and the Airship created by '200E-3' (https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/200e-3/). I thank them again for the inspiration they gave me to craft this. Now I leave it to you to do as you wish. I only ask that you give me credit when it is due. Thank you!


Version 1: www.planetminecraft.com/project/ucs-paris-class-battleairship/
Credit200E-3, daemonbenj
Progress100% complete

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