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Ultra-Efficient Automatic Carrot, Potato, Wheat, Seed, Beetroot, And Beetroot Seed Farm

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avatar UltimateBunker1
Level 44 : Master Engineer
This Is A Very Efficient And Very Thin Stackable Fully Automatic Carrot, Potato, Wheat, And Beetroot Farm. The Farm Can Produce Carrots, Potatoes, Wheat, Seeds, Beetroot, And Beetroot Seeds. You Can Stack It Up to Any Height. Each individual Layer Must Grow Carrots, Potatoes, Wheat, or Beetroots. It Includes Instruction On How To Make It Resource Friendly.
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Progress100% complete

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Update #1 : 11/01/2018 6:48:25 pmNov 1st, 2018

Finally realized that the farm is also a great carrot and potato farm.

06/09/2019 11:07 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
Somehow the website isn't loading for me. Any suggestions?
06/09/2019 11:57 am
Level 44 : Master Engineer
If you have slower internet speed, you may have to wait a minute or two for the page to load. Some pages have a lot of photos, so it may take some time to load.

If the page tries to load and a message shows that it can not load the page, try to use a different browser. Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox should work.

I have a slower internet speed and sometimes pages don't load, what I do is close the browser and reopen it, then load the page. Sometimes I have to disconnect from the WiFi signal and rejoin it.

Hope this helps, Sorry for the problem you are having.
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